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Doctor Bétta PPSU baby bottle 80ml product image, purple hood in star shape,blue green cap,covered with simpleline on bottle
Baby bottle brush
Baby bottle brush
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Baby bottle brush


Large brush (for bottles)
It is a cleaning brush for Dr Betta Baby baby bottles. The high-grade brush bristles are made from white horsehair which is flexible and resilient. The brush can reach and wash all the curves and corners of the Dr Betta baby bottles. After baby has been weaned, if it has been properly cared for the brush may be used for washing water bottles and glasses.
Small brush (for teats)
The teat brush is made of nylon. By rounding the tip of the brush while carefully considering the length of the bristles, it is made to fit perfectly into the back of the hard-to-clean teat and wash it well.

Large brush: White horse hair 100%
Small brush : 100% Nylon
Handle : Stainless steel

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