Bétta Happy Bag 2021

[ Japan Limited ]

We have a 2021 special set of great products.

¥8,500 ( Around ¥14,000 worth )

2021 Special Happy Bag with 3 bottles of Brain Baby Bottles. There are also many items that are useful for cleaning and making baby formula. [Japan Limited ] !

Bétta Happy Bag

The bottles are from the Brain series, which has a stretchy nipple similar to that of a mother's breast. Available in two materials: plastic and glass.

What is plastic (PPSU) material?

The funnel is an indispensable part of the Betta slim type baby bottle and is very useful when preparing milk. It also comes with a special muddler for Dr. Betta baby bottles that dissolves the milk at the bottom cleanly.

The bottle comes with a natural white horse hair brush for cleaning the four corners of the bottle and a small nylon brush for cleaning the nipple.

The strap handle can be removed on one end to hang from a stroller to carry it around easily when out and about.

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Free gift! an original Bétta mask case.

This organic, gentle detergent is made with a plant-based oil obtained from coconuts and sugarcane. The detergent is ideal for cleaning both baby bottles or even your baby's dishes. A trial 30ml size is given.

Bétta Baby Bottle Detergent

Bétta Special Price!

Bétta Special Price!

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