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Ateleir Choux Set

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[ Limited Edition Set ] Atelier Choux × Bétta

Atelier Choux and Bétta collaborated on this cute gift set with a cute box. The bottle, "Friends & Family Tree," is an impressive illustration of humorous-looking animals relaxing on elaborately drawn branches and leaves. Atelier Choux's world view is exquisitely expressed in a betta bottle.Atelier Choux's popular Carre and Bibs also have matching bottle designs.

Set Contents

  • ・Atelier Choux × Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle
     Brain 240ml(Friends & Family Tree) ¥3,740(Tax included)
  • ・Baby bottle brush ¥1,210(Tax included)
  • ・Doctor Bétta baby bottle Warmth Pouch Summer Paisley ( Blue ) ¥2,640(Tax included)
  • ・Atelier Choux Carre Friends & Family Tree ¥7,150(Tax included)
  • ・Atelier Choux Small Bib Friends & Family Tree ¥3,080(Tax included)

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  • ・Gift Box Atelier Choux × Bétta
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Atelier Choux × Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle Brain 240ml(Friends & Family Tree)

Atelier Choux × Bétta Collaboration Bottle。The slim type is easy to hold, and the unique curve of the bottle offers three advantages: "safe for the ears + prevents aspiration + reduces burping. The bottle comes with a slim-type "Brain Nipple (cross-cut). It is easy to suck and easy to wash. The shape of the suction hole is cut in a cross cut to encourage the mouth to move and drink. Made of lightweight, durable plastic (PPSU) that is easy to disinfect and BPA-free. 240ml size for increased drinking volume. Includes heart pin for nipple care.

Baby bottle brush

The large brush is made of white horsehair. The stainless steel handle flexibly fits to curves and corners to clean off milk scum and oil without damaging them. The small brush has a voluminous tip that fits the nipple. It comfortably washes the entire nipple and keeps it clean at all times.

Doctor Bétta baby bottle Warmth Pouch Summer Paisley ( Blue )

The lining is bonded to protect the bottle from impact when dropped or bumped. The handle strap is detachable on one side and can be hooked onto a stroller for convenient use when going out.

Atelier Choux Carre Friends & Family Tree(covering used to wrap a baby)

Large size gauze baby wrap (100cm x 100cm) made of organic cotton. Atelier Choux's most popular product that can be used in many situations, such as as a baby blanket, bathing, and sunshade. It becomes softer and softer with each wash, and boasts superb quality with excellent moisture absorption and breathability.

Atelier Choux Small Bib Friends & Family Tree

This bib is made of organic cotton. Like Carre, it becomes softer with each wash and boasts superb quality with excellent moisture absorption and breathability. It is reversible, with prints on both sides, and the snaps can be adjusted in two positions.

Atelier Choux is a Parisian brand dealing in baby swaddling and bibs. All products handled are made in France, from raw materials to manufacturing. The products are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, which is hypoallergenic compared to conventional cotton fibers, and are produced in one of France's leading factories that combine innovative approaches with traditional techniques. The illustrations on these carefully selected materials are by Mattias Adolfsson, a Swedish illustrator with a worldwide fan base. The pastel-colored world full of humor and fantasy, where animals are depicted with precision and vividness, continues to fascinate many people.