Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle Brain Wide Neck WS3-tonton 5th Anniversary 160ml


Bétta tonton 5th Anniversary

In celebration of Bétta tonton's 5th anniversary, we are pleased to present a commemorative bottle with a design depicting a fish motif. The sight of colorful fish swimming in the water is said to have a relaxing effect that soothes and calms everyone. The fish swimming in the tank is said to work through aquarium therapy. We hope that mothers who are a little tired of spending time with their babies every day can relax and take their time with a bottle of fish and rest their mind and body. We also hope that the baby will grow up to be a child who can move around like a fish swimming vigorously in the future. We hope that he or she will become a wonderful adult who is active on the world stage, aiming to become a fish swimming in the world's oceans.

Reason for the curve

The Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle's shape is curved to provide the same ideal feeding angle as with breastfeeding. Devised by American pediatricians and made in Japan, the Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle has been constantly improved with quality materials and an improved nipple. It has received the Kids Design Award and Good Design Award as proof of its quality.

BPA Free

BPA Free. PPSU is the most heat resistant and impact resistant type of transparent plastic. The bottle can withstand temperatures up to 180°C! This outstanding quality makes it a popular material in medical devices. By using such a proven material, we want to provide maximum safety. Bétta has therefore entrusted this material to this end.

160ml (maximum capacity 180ml)

It is a convenient size that is easy to use for a wide range of applications, such as adding milk to baby food as well as during the newborn period.


Doctor Bétta's wide-neck bottles make swallowing easier and reduce coughing and ear strain. This bottle is also easy to wash and fill. The texture mimics a mother’s breast. The wide shape’s stability helps prevent it from spilling, making feeding time even easier.

Brain nipple

We created this to promote the healthy growth of babies and the importance of chewing. The Bétta brain nipple promotes healthy chewing habits as the baby's jaws move to make the milk come out. The flexible material means babies can move their upper and lower jaw up and down just like with a mother’s breast. Feature of wide-neck replacement nipple is Exactly like a mother's nipple, and Easy to clean. The nipple’s hole is cut in a cross-cut shape to encourage mouth movement while feeding.


PPSU bottle : Polyphenylsulfone
Cap hood : Polypropylene
Nipple : Silicone

Heatproof temperature

PPSU bottle : 180°C
Cap hood : 120°C
Nipple : 120°C