2023 Limited Edition - Happiness Bottle Set


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2023 year of the rabbit zodiac bottle set! Recommended for baby gifts [Limited quantity]
A baby bottle "Happiness Bottle" designed for the 2023 year of the rabbit zodiac, with wishes for the good luck of the family and the prosperous growth of the baby. This Year of the Rabbit ear bottle and easy-to-use items are included as a set. Not only can it be used at home, but it comes with a premium gift box, so it is also recommended for baby gifts.

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Product specifications

Product name Brain Wide Mouth Happiness Bottle Year of the Rabbit Zodiac Commemorative Set
set content Doctor Betta Baby Bottle [Brain Wide Neck] Happiness Bottle 240ml
Brush set for baby bottles
Replacement nipple [Brain Wide Neck] Round hole S / Around 2 months (set of 2)
Thermal pouch 320 (GIOIA)
・Shop card (welcome baby)
・Premium gift boxM

●The reason for the curve

Dr. Bétta Baby Bottle has a unique curve that controls the posture during breastfeeding so that it becomes the same posture as breastfeeding. You can drink milk with your head upright, which prevents milk from flowing into the ear canal and is safe for your ears. Milk flows smoothly into the esophagus in a natural posture, preventing aspiration. Bubbles escape upward along the curve, reducing swallowing of air and reducing burping.

wide neck type

Dr. Bétta's wide neck type has the benefits of Dr. Bétta's baby bottles, which are safe for your ears, prevents aspiration, and reduces burping. It is a baby bottle closer to. In addition, the chubby shape is stable and does not fall over easily, so it can be used comfortably when formulating milk.

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