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Doctor Bétta baby bottle 's dedicated niPolypropylene product nipple image, start from newbornThe Brain nipples, designed by midwives
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Brain nipple round-hole


"Brain nipple" was inspired from the experiences of an actual midwife. It was developed considering the importance of mastication, as well as with a wish for healthy growth for the baby. Once the baby starts sucking it, the secret wavy part stretches out to fit the mouth and tongue! The nipple lets the baby drink while moving their upper and lower jaw, as if they were being breastfed. This [round hole] type features a round hole at the end, which lets a certain amount of milk to flow out when tilted. It is designed to put milk on the tongue to trigger the baby’s "drinking" instinct.

Material : Silicone
Heatproof temperature : 120°C
Quantity : Two in one box.

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