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Bétta Be Mama! (Pearl)
Bétta Be Mama! (Pearl)
Bétta Be Mama! (Pearl)
Bétta Be Mama! (Pearl)
Bétta Be Mama! (Pearl)
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Bétta Be Mama! (Pearl)


The size is a little larger to make it "usable". It is compatible with most municipalities' maternity handbooks. The chic color and elegant luster of the real cowhide texture.
There are pockets for pens, medical tickets, and more, and a photo space for baby photos. For moms who are looking for an item like no other.
The color is the evergreen pearl color. It's an image of an elegant and beautiful mom.

Large x 2, Small x 1, Mini photo x 1, Card slide x 6
A large pocket can hold about two bankbooks on one side.

stitch collar: brown

Material: cowhide

External dimensions:14.5cm/22cm
Internal dimensions: approx. 13.5 cm/20 cm
The inside size is the approximate size of the organizer to be inserted.

*Please note that the texture, color, and finish of the cowhide may be slightly different from the photo because it is a natural material. We hope you are familiar with our products before you purchase them.

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