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Bétta Carry me! DENIM (Forest)
Bétta Carry me! DENIM (Forest)
Bétta Carry me! DENIM (Forest)
Bétta Carry me! DENIM (Forest)
Bétta Carry me! DENIM (Forest)
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Bétta Carry me! DENIM (Forest)


Since its launch in 2003, the Bétta baby sling has evolved in a number of ways with the aim of becoming lighter, more compact and easier to use. The ability to adjust the sling using the fasteners on the shoulder strap has been added, and the fastener now has a lock to make the sling even safer.
Bétta's unique draping is slightly larger than its competitors, allowing it to snugly and completely envelop the baby. The base is round, so it allows you to securely cuddle with your baby even when the baby is moving.
The fact that it can be used from birth is also a major selling point.
These baby slings are carefully made one-by-one by skilled Japanese artisans.
Made of a strong and easy-to-handle denim fabric. Even our Carry me! comes in the iconic Bétta denim. A forest that evokes images of Europe's primeval woodland. The deep color blend of blues and greens is lovely.

This item can be used by
anyone with an under-bust of approx. 65 to 100cm.
* Please measure your under bust over a thin layer of clothing.
・Shoulder strap: 42 - 60/12cm
(The length of the shoulder strap can be changed to 42, 48, 54 or 60cm at 6cm intervals simply by adjusting the fastener on the back of the strap)
・Bag: 92/58cm

cotton 100%

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