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Brush Me! Replacement brush for adults (purple)
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Brush Me! Replacement brush for adults (purple)


Electric Toothbrush Blush Me! is a replacement brush for adults.
Betta Electric Toothbrush Blush Me! This is an exclusive replacement brush for "Adult". This toothbrush is gentle on your teeth and gums by dispersing unnecessary force with its smooth feel. The brush part is double-planted with ultra-fine processed bristles and edge bristles. The ultra-fine bristles clean stains from periodontal pockets and other narrow gaps, and the strength of the edge bristles massages the gums. The compact head allows for fine-grained brushing. For those who are concerned about periodontal disease.

Target : Adults
Type: Super fine, normal
Handle material: Polypropylene
Hair Material: Nylon
Heat resistant temperature: 80°C

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