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Doctor Bétta Glass baby bottle 80ml product image,lime green hood in heart shape,emerald green cap,covered with flower illustration on bottle
Glass 80ml Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle / Brain GF4-80ml (Flower)
Glass 80ml Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle / Brain GF4-80ml (Flower)
Glass 80ml Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle / Brain GF4-80ml (Flower)
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Glass 80ml Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle / Brain GF4-80ml (Flower)


The Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle's shape is curved to provide the same ideal feeding angle as with breastfeeding. Devised by American pediatricians and made in Japan, the Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle has been constantly improved with quality materials and an improved nipple. It has received the Kids Design Award and Good Design Award as proof of its quality.The Okuya Glass Factory is a traditional family business based in Downtown Tokyo. One of the two remaining handmade glass workshops in Tokyo, it is the sole official manufacturer of Doctor Bétta Baby Bottles in heat resistant glass. Bétta delicate but efficient curve makes the bottle impossible to mass produce without losing its quality: thus all our baby bottles are hand made, one by one!
"Because all our bottles users are babies", any possibility of some flaw or weakness in a freshly made bottle is treated without the shadow of a doubt: the bottle is trashed. This extreme quality control is one of the many reasons for Doctor Bétta Baby Bottles high quality. These glass baby bottles are all crafted with the utmost care and sincere hope from our craftsmen that every baby will use them for a long time.Our manufacturing requires skill and high spirit, fueled by the need for babies health and parents safety.
Dr. Betta's baby bottle began with a small 2 fl oz (about 60 ml) bottle developed by an American pediatrician for newborns.
Doctor Betta 70 ml (2.3 fl oz) baby bottle became available for sale after there were numerous requests to use hospital baby bottles at home.
However, we have increased the capacity to 80 ml (2.6 fl oz) as per customers’ requests, who asked for the bottle to last a little longer, since the smaller bottle would become useless too quickly.
The baby bottle is also highly popular as the first bottle to celebrate the baby’s birth, which can be kept for use later on. In addition, once the baby starts eating baby hood, the bottle can be used as a bottle for drinking tea or hot water.
The flower series came into being from our desire for all babies born in this world to receive plenty of love and grow healthily, just like plants that grow strong and healthy, soaking in all in the sunlight that shines down onto them. We also bring you this bottle with the kind of feeling you have offering someone a bouquet of flowers, filled with gratitude for all the people who love our brand—Betta.

Glass bottle : Heat-resistant glass
Cap hood : Polypropylene
Nipple : Silicone

Heatproof temperature
Glass bottle : 120°C
Cap hood : 120°C
Nipple : 120°C

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