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Doctor Bétta PPSU baby bottle 120ml product image, green yellow hood in clover shape,purple cap,covered with simpleline on bottle
PPSU 120ml Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle / Brain S3-120ml
PPSU 120ml Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle / Brain S3-120ml
PPSU 120ml Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle / Brain S3-120ml
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PPSU 120ml Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle / Brain S3-120ml


The Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle's shape is curved to provide the same ideal feeding angle as with breastfeeding. Devised by American pediatricians and made in Japan, the Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle has been constantly improved with quality materials and an improved nipple. It has received the Kids Design Award and Good Design Award as proof of its quality.
BPA Free. PPSU is the most heat resistant and impact resistant type of transparent plastic.
The bottle can withstand temperatures up to 180°C! This outstanding quality makes it a popular material in medical devices. By using such a proven material, we want to provide maximum safety. Bétta has therefore entrusted this material to this end.
A conveniently-sized bottle that can be used for feeding various amounts, from small amounts until weaning hood. The small size makes it easy for use when you have to breastfeed multiple times. The compact size also makes it highly portable.
"Brain nipple" was inspired from the experiences of an actual midwife. It was developed considering the importance of mastication, as well as with a wish for healthy growth for the baby. Once the baby starts sucking it, the secret wavy part stretches out to fit the mouth and tongue! The nipple lets the baby drink while moving their upper and lower jaw, as if they were being breastfed. This [Crosscut] type notch at the tip, which lets the baby squeeze out milk by moving their mouths, allows them to drink on their own pace.
People say that those who find four-leaf clovers will become happy. We want everyone who uses this baby bottle to be happy. We incorporated such wishes while shaping this product in the form of a clover.

PPSU bottle : Polyphenylsulfone
Cap hood : Polypropylene
Nipple : Silicone

Heatproof temperature
PPSU bottle : 180°C
Cap hood : 120°C
Nipple : 120°C

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