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From what age can you use it?

It can be used from around 7 to 8 months of age when the baby is used to being weaned.


The content is leaking.

Are there any scratches or dents on the body, lid, packing, or straw? (Straw and packing are consumable items. If you notice some deterioration, replace them with a new set.)
Did you tighten the lid firmly until it clicks into place?
Are the bottle and ring tightened to the end?
How about the straw and packing? Are they well orientated and set? Are they not too loose?
(Be sure to set the sucking straw until it is "snug" and the packing until there is no gap.


When my child drinks with it, their face touches the lid.

Is the cover fully open? The cover can be fully opened and secured.


When you open the lid, the drink spills out of the spout.

Straw mugs are highly airtight, and changes in temperature or pressure can increase the pressure in the cup, which can push the drink out of the straw. The contents of the mug will spill out when you knock it down or carry it around.

Possible causes:

Hot or cold drinks are added.
When drinks with high pressure like carbonated beverage are added.
When the air pressure changes, such as in an airplane or at a high altitude.


When I try to lower the handle-strap I can not.

Caution: lowering the handles while in strap mode may cause the handles to break.



How do you clean and disinfect?

After each use, remove all the parts and wash them carefully with a cleaning agent to the corners of each part. Wash straw and packing with care. Bottle, straw and packing can be disinfected by boiling, microwaving or chemicals. Caution: the handles cap contains metal parts, do not disinfect it in the microwave oven or with chemicals.


It states that the handle cap cannot be disinfected with chemicals or microwaves. Why is that?

The button on the handles cap have metal axle pins. Please refrain from using chemical disinfection as it may cause rust. Also, please do not use microwave disinfection because it will melt the metal parts.


When is it time to replace the suction straw and packing?

When the suction straw and packing gets old, it loses its elasticity and tends to break easily. Also, the adhesion between the parts will be poor, and drinks may leak out. Make sure there are no cracks, scratches, or other abnormalities before using it. If there is any abnormality, stop using it immediately and replace it with a new part. Depending on the condition of your child's teeth, they may break if they chew too hard.


Is it possible to purchase each part separately?

It is not possible to purchase individual parts. Replacement straws and packing sets are available.


What is the capacity?

It can hold up to 200ml. There is a 100ml, 150ml and 200ml memory on the inside of the bottle. (approximate)


What is the material made of?

The bottle and handle cap are made of polypropylene, the packing is elastomeric, and the straw is silicone rubber. Some metal parts are included in the handle cap.


Is it BPA-free?

Yes. All bottles, handle caps, straws and packing are BPA-free.