made in Japan okuya glass

Handmade by glass craftsmen

The Okuya Glass Factory is a traditional family business based in Downtown Tokyo. One of the two remaining handmade glass workshops in Tokyo, it is the sole official manufacturer of Doctor Bétta Baby Bottles in heat resistant glass. Bétta delicate but efficient curve makes the bottle impossible to mass produce without losing its quality: thus all our baby bottles are hand made, one by one!

hand made Baby bottle
photo/ © Masaru MIZUSHIMA

Handmade one by one

Bétta glass baby bottles are handcrafted one by one. A single bottle requires the coordination of three craftsmen to be completed. When these three aren't in tune with one another, they cannot complete their work. This is why on some days they produce zero bottles, while on other days they can finish up to 450.

Betta glass bottle Japanese craftsmen!

Unlike machine manufacturing, the craftsmen cannot produce in mass quantities. These glass blowers, who have honed their craft in Japan, have the health and safety of babies foremost in mind as they carefully mold each and every bottle by hand.

Doctor Betta Baby Bottle Glass made in Japan