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Baby's five senses
3 Skin and Tactile

The last of the five senses is skin and touch.
The baby's sense of touch, which it perceives through its skin, plays a very important role.

Skin/tactile senses parental love through skin contact

Skin and TactileSkin/tactile senses
parental love through skin contact

The sense of touch is the earliest of the five senses to develop. The baby begins to suck its fingers in its mother's belly at around 10 weeks of gestation, an action that allows the baby to feel both touching and being touched at the same time. The sense of touch, which is a cutaneous sense of pain and temperature, begins to develop from about 8 weeks of pregnancy.

As I mentioned earlier, the sense of touch plays a major role in the process of becoming a human being. The stimulation of the baby's skin directly stimulates the brain. Through skin-to-skin contact, babies can feel the love of their parents. We recommend that you actively engage in skin-to-skin contact with your baby. Massaging the skin with moisturizer after bathing is a very good thing to do, so please do it every day. Massage the entire body with the palm of your hand, including the chest, stomach, hands, feet, and back, while applying moisturizer to the entire body. While massaging, check the skin to see if there are any signs of trouble. Massage releases oxytocin, an affection hormone, which makes both the baby and the person massaging him or her happy. Please encourage not only mothers but also fathers to do this.

I am holding a touch care seminar for babies about 4-5 months.
This course teaches mothers how to massage, but we do not teach so-called massage methods, but rather promote massage as a way for mothers and babies to relate to each other and create a bond. Rather than focusing on methods, it is important to talk to the baby face to face, and to feel what kind of state and emotions the baby is in. Therefore, both the baby and the person giving the massage are using all five senses.

I once had a meeting with the mothers who attended this course to discuss what happened after a month of touch care. At that time, one of the mothers suddenly started crying.
I thought I had done my best to raise my child, but after experiencing touch care, I realized that I had not looked at my child properly. I feel so sorry." She said.
This mother has realized this because she has worked hard to raise her child. There are many mothers who raise their children without realizing this, but I would rather praise them for realizing it.
Others who have had touch care have also been happy to hear that it has given them a sense of well-being in their lives and that they are confident that their children are growing up properly.

Touching each other produces the very hormones that make us happy ♪

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Yoko Nanbu, Midwife
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Midwife Yoko Nambu

After graduating from Tokyo Medical and Dental University School of Nursing and obtaining a national nursing license, and graduating from the Japanese Red Cross School of Midwifery and obtaining a national midwifery license, she worked as a midwife in the obstetrics and gynecology ward of Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital, attending over 300 births and picking up babies. After that, she established "Toraube Inc.", a consultation office mainly for women's body. As a woman's ally, she provides consultation for problems at all ages. She believes that women should understand their own body as their own. She believes that this will lead to the solution of all problems and deals with them on a daily basis.
Her hobbies include traveling with her husband, listening to movies and music, and playing healthy mahjong.

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