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The Choice of Birth

The age of choice: Seeking and struggling to arrive at one's own way of life

The age of choiceSeek your own way of life
and arrive at it in distress

Recently, childbirth for women has become the most "difficult event" in their lives. Of course, childbirth has always been difficult, but in the past, women were widely and generally perceived as something to be endured, something to be kept quiet and reserved, something to be behind the scenes, something to be a black woman. Women had little choice and no hesitation in how they wanted to live their lives. They married, had five or six children, and lived their entire lives as wives and mothers. Whether such a way of life is good or not is a matter of much debate, but they lived their lives and spent their years in such a way that there was no room for argument, and they probably died satisfied that this was their role as women and that they had fulfilled their mission.

Compared to today, I would say that (although I am not sure if it is as much as childbirth) we experience more endurance and perseverance in childbirth than we do today.

Nowadays, women can choose whether or not to get married, as well as to give birth. They can choose to live for work, not to get married but to have children, to live together but not to register, etc...
All of them have a point, but women who make satisfactory choices in their chosen paths are wonderful and dashing. Even if I want to be like that and imitate the same path with only a degree of admiration, not everyone can be like that. I think it is something that is arrived at through hard work, by firmly searching for one's own way of life and worrying about it.

A mother is strong enough to face up to the task of childbirth

The Work of ChildbirthA mother who stands her ground is strong

It is becoming more common for women to work while pregnant and still have the baby. With the development of the law, it is now easier than ever for husbands to take leave for childbirth. It is becoming more and more convenient and rational. The world is progressing in a convenient, easy, and efficient manner.

However, the words "quick" and "convenient" do not apply to childbirth, which takes time to nurture and give birth to a baby. Giving birth to your beloved child, whom you have protected in your belly for 10 months, is something that only a woman can do, and it is also a time to make a firm decision that I will protect this child no matter what.
No great doctor can guarantee that you will give birth to your child in good health. They can tell you that the baby is healthy and growing well in the belly now, but no one can guarantee that at the time of delivery. Although the number of women who die in childbirth has decreased dramatically compared to the past, it is not zero even today. In other words, childbirth is a risky business.

As a career woman, there should be no ambiguity or no guarantee of the future in your work. If such a situation arises, clearing everything up is regarded as "a person who can do the job.
But childbirth is different. It is an ambiguous state that is not clear, and it is faced and confronted with uncertainty. That is what makes a mother strong.

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Yoko Nanbu, Midwife
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Midwife Yoko Nambu

After graduating from Tokyo Medical and Dental University School of Nursing and obtaining a national nursing license, and graduating from the Japanese Red Cross School of Midwifery and obtaining a national midwifery license, she worked as a midwife in the obstetrics and gynecology ward of Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital, attending over 300 births and picking up babies. After that, she established "Toraube Inc.", a consultation office mainly for women's body. As a woman's ally, she provides consultation for problems at all ages. She believes that women should understand their own body as their own. She believes that this will lead to the solution of all problems and deals with them on a daily basis.
Her hobbies include traveling with her husband, listening to movies and music, and playing healthy mahjong.

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