Rules for Newsletter Members

Article 1.  BÉTTA Newsletter Member

  1. A “BÉTTA Newsletter Member” shall be the individual who signs up upon agreement on the Rules in accordance with the procedures designated by us.
  2. “Newsletter Member Information” shall be the information concerning attribution of a BÉTTA Newsletter Member disclosed by such BÉTTA Newsletter Member to us and information including history, etc. concerning transactions of BÉTTA Newsletter Members.
  3. The Rules shall be applied to all BÉTTA Newsletter Members and shall be observed upon the registering procedures and after registration.


Article 2.  Registration

2.1 Qualification of BÉTTA Newsletter Member

The customer who agrees to the Rules and signs up for membership in the prescribed manner shall obtain the qualification as a BÉTTA Newsletter Member after completion of the prescribed registration procedures.  The registration procedures for BÉTTA Newsletter Member must be completed by the person who will become the BÉTTA Newsletter Member.  No registration by proxy shall be accepted.  Please be noted that application by any person whose BÉTTA Newsletter Member qualification was revoked in the past or any person considered by us as inappropriate may be rejected.

2.2 Entry of BÉTTA Newsletter Member information

For the registration procedures for BÉTTA Newsletter Member, please read through the caution for entry and accurately enter the required matters in the prescribed entry form.  Special symbols, former Chinese characters, Roman figures cannot be used for registration of BÉTTA Newsletter Member information.  Any those characters in the registration shall be changed by us.


Article 3.  Change

  1. 1. BÉTTA Newsletter Members must immediately notify us of any change in the matters notified to us of including the name, email address, etc.
  2. We shall not bear any responsibility for any damage arising from failure to change registration.  Please be noted that even though registration of change is made, any transaction already made before the registration of change shall be processed based on information before the registration of change.

Article 4.  Withdrawal

Any BÉTTA Newsletter Member who desires to withdraw must follow the procedures in the unsubscribe instructions shown in the bottom of the email.


Article 5.  Copyright

  1. All rights (ownership, intellectual property right, portrait right, publicity right, etc.) to all copyrighted objects including letters, photos, videos, sounds and portraits, characters, marks and other information posted in the newsletter transmitted by us (hereafter collectively “Content”) shall belong to us or the Contents provider owning such rights.
  2. Users shall not obtain any rights to the Content and must not conduct any act which may infringe any right concerning the Content.
  3. In the event that any problem occurs in breach of this article, users shall resolve such problem at its cost and responsibility and shall not cause any trouble or damage to us.


Article 6.  Disqualification of BÉTTA Newsletter Member and compensation obligation

  1. In the event that a BÉTTA Newsletter Member makes false notification upon application for obtaining of BÉTTA Newsletter Member qualification, fails to fulfill the price payment duty for mail order, or otherwise there is any reason where we consider such member as inappropriate as a BÉTTA Newsletter Member, we may revoke such BÉTTA Newsletter Member qualification.
  2. 2. In the event that a BÉTTA Newsletter Member conducts any act stipulated in the following, such BÉTTA Newsletter Member shall bear responsibility to compensate any damage incurred by us thereby.
    1. To misuse BÉTTA Newsletter Member information
    2. To access our website and fabricate the information or transmit harmful computer program to our website to interfere our business operation
    3. To conduct any act to infringe the intellectual property right to the products we deal with
    4. Other any act against the Rules


Article 7.  Handling of BÉTTA Newsletter Member information

  1. 1. We shall in principle not disclose to any third party BÉTTA Newsletter information without a prior consent of the BÉTTA Newsletter Members.  However, in the following cases, we may disclose BÉTTA Newsletter Member information and other customer information without a prior consent of the BÉTTA Newsletter Members.
    1. If required by the laws and regulations to disclose
    2. If we consider necessary for protection of our rights, profits, honor, etc.
  2. BÉTTA Newsletter Member information shall be managed by us in accordance with our “Engagement in Personal Information.”  We may use BÉTTA Newsletter Member information for the purpose of service provision to BÉTTA Newsletter Members, improvement of service content, promotion of service use and healthy and smooth operation of services.
  3. We may provide information to BÉTTA Newsletter Members via newsletters and in other manners (including advertisement.  If not desired, BÉTTA Newsletter Members can have information provision suspended by notifying us thereof in accordance with our prescribed manner.  However, we cannot suspend provision of any information necessary for operation of the Services upon request of BÉTTA Newsletter Members.


Article 8.  Prohibitions

BÉTTA Newsletter Members are prohibited to conduct any of the following acts for use of the Services.

  1. To breach the laws and regulations or the Rules, caution for use of the Services, caution for purchase via the Services, or other Rules, etc.
  2. To damage our and other third party’s rights, profits, honor, etc.
  3. To conduct any acts which may cause adverse effect to body and mind of the adolescents or any acts against the public policy.
  4. To conduct any acts which may cause trouble or discomfort to other users or other third party
  5. To enter false information
  6. To transmit or write any harmful computer programs or emails, etc.
  7. To wrongfully access our server or other computers
  8. Other acts considered by us as inappropriate


Article 9.  Suspension/discontinuation of services

We may discontinue all or part of provision of the Services in order to maintain good operation status of the Services if falling under any of the following.

  1. If necessary for regular maintenance and emergency maintenance of the system
  2. If load concentrates on the system
  3. If the system operation becomes difficult due to fire, blackout, sabotage by a third party
  4. If we otherwise determine that discontinuation of the system is inevitable


Article 10.  Change/abolition of services

We may change and abolish all or part of the services at its discretion without a prior notification as necessary.


Article 11.  Waiver

  1. Any damage arising from discontinuation/delay/cessation of the system, data loss, wrongful access to data due to failure of communication lines and computers and any damage caused to BÉTTA Newsletter Members in regard to our other services shall not be borne by us.
  2. We shall not guarantee that no harmful objects such as computer virus are included in the email contents transmitted from our website, server, domain, etc. 
  3. We shall not bear any responsibility for any damage arising from breach of the Rules, etc. by BÉTTA Newsletter Members.


Article 12.  Amendment

We may amend the Rules at our will and may stipulate the rules supplementing the Rules (hereafter “Supplemental Rules”).  Amendment or supplementals hereto shall be in force when the Rules after amendment or the Supplemental Rules are posted on the website prescribed by us.  In this case, BÉTTA Newsletter Members shall follow the Rules after amendment and the Supplemental Rules.


Article 13.  Governing law, jurisdiction

The district court having jurisdiction over the location of our headquarters shall be the exclusive agreement court of jurisdiction for the first trial for any dispute arising in regard to the Rules.

Supplemental provisions
December 11, 2020