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Midwife's thoughts
"BRAIN nipple" born of midwife's childcare experience

"I want my bottle nipples to be just like my mom's nipples." Dr. Betta's Brain Nipple was developed over three years of research and development based on the midwife's own parenting experience. What are the thoughts of the midwives in those nipples?

My own painful lactation period.

As a midwife, I assist in the birth of a baby in a midwifery clinic. As a midwife, I am, of course, a "breastfeeding promoter" and I am in a position to help mothers produce breast milk and to work with them. My own painful parenting experience led me to develop the bottle nipple. I've been thinking "Let's breastfeed our children," but I can't get any milk. "Why do I have to be a midwife? Why do I... "and crying every day. I experienced firsthand the pain and suffering of not being able to breastfeed.

The most important thing in raising a child

Even when I was bottle feeding him, my child grew up healthy and smiled at me. I was so obsessed with "breast milk" that I forgot the most important thing. Lovingly hug your child, laugh at them, talk to them, and watch them grow. I remember how much fun parenting became when I did that.

Nipples to replace mommy's tits for baby bottles

From my own experience, I've always wished that the nipples in the bottle were just like my mom's tits. I had an encounter with the "Dr. Betta bottle" devised by a pediatrician, and I was able to create a nipple that would replace mothers' nipples, if only a little. During your long life, the duration of breastfeeding may be short.I pray that the time you spend feeding your baby will be an irreplaceable moment of happiness. It's okay!You are the "best mom in the world" for your baby.