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A little break About Seiji Ozawa

Friendly personality World-famous conductor Seiji Ozawa

Friendly personalityWorld-famous conductor Seiji Ozawa

In October 2014, I had the pleasure of meeting that world-renowned conductor, Seiji Ozawa. On that occasion, we not only met him, but we were even treated to dinner.

A friend of mine from nursing school asked me if I could do something to help Seiji Ozawa, who apparently needs a nurse. I thought that something might be going on with Seiji Ozawa's condition.

At the time, the company I was managing had seven or eight licensed nurses, so we immediately formed "Team Ozawa," a group of volunteer nurses to help and support the company. First of all, we wanted to talk to you to find out how you were doing and what you were looking for.

On an autumn afternoon, Ozawa-san's favorite restaurant at Seijo Gakuen Mae Station was designated.
A little nervous, I waited for Ms. Ozawa with the person who introduced us. Mr. Ozawa showed up with a big smile on his face and a very energetic appearance, so much so that I wondered if he needed a nurse even though he was in such good health. Her friendly personality relaxed my nerves at once.

They have backrests behind the podium these days, and it's not very nice! He would talk to me with a smile and say things like, "They make backrests behind the conductor's podium nowadays, it's so disgraceful! He also told me many stories of the past, and one of his classmates from Seijyogakuen High School was also present. "I was the one who made Ozawa a conductor," he said, "I invited him to join the rugby club in high school, but he immediately jammed his finger, so he couldn't play the piano any more. So I became the conductor." Mr. Ozawa smiled and nodded his head. After a while, his wife, Bella, joined us and we got down to business. When I asked her about it, she told me that the live-in nanny who had been working there for a long time had quit and they wanted to replace her. So there was no need for a nurse, and that was the end of the conversation.

He had a very hard time The world's greatest maestro

He had a very hard timeThe world's greatest maestro

He signed his name as shown in the photo and gave us his cell phone number, saying that we could call him if we needed anything. I was surprised that he was so well-known, but at the same time I was impressed by the fact that he was so friendly and kind to everyone, and I remember going home with a strange and happy feeling. We had so much fun that I have completely forgotten what meal we were served, but I remember feeling very warm.

Mr. Ozawa had a very difficult time when he was pulled up from China. Also, even though he did not aim to be a conductor from the beginning, but started by chance, he challenged and trained himself in many things in order to master the path. He went to Europe and the U.S. to be recognized when the world did not yet know who or where Japanese people were. Of course, it is only natural that he was recognized as a result of his talent, but it is not difficult to imagine that he must have had many painful experiences at that time. In Japan, he was boycotted by the NHK Symphony Philharmonic Orchestra, and he came to the U.S. after deciding not to perform in Japan anymore.

The result of doing each given job to the best of my ability in my own way is the best maestro in the world! I believe that this is the result of doing my assigned tasks to the best of my ability, one by one. So many experiences and hardships make a person what he or she is.

Spare the rod and spoil the child Experience makes the person

Spare the rod and spoil the childExperience makes the person

There is an old saying that "hard work pays off" and "let the pretty girl take the journey." Nowadays, however, I feel that parents tend to cover for their children and overprotect them so that they do not have to do anything difficult. Of course, hardships are difficult at the time, but considering that experience builds a person, I think it is important for parents to choose to stay out of it.

In February of this year, upon receiving the news of Mr. Seiji Ozawa's death, I prayed for the repose of his soul, thinking of how his classmates from Seijo Gakuen must have been devastated, not to mention his family and the air in front of Seijo Gakuen that surrounded him and the people who lived there.

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