Can be used during pregnancy and postpartum
'Bétta Maternity Hug Pillow' for feeding pillow

Bétta MaternityHug Pillow
for feeding pillow

Supporting mothers during pregnancy and postpartum
with usage variations that are close to pregnant women.

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  • Relief from
  • Use as
    nursing pillow
  • Relief of
    lower back pain
  • Other

* Sandesica survey, June 2018.

About 70%  Purchased a cuddle pillow for sleeping difficulties.

About 70%Purchased a cuddle pillow
for sleeping difficulties.

It can be used as a carrying pillow for mothers during pregnancy and as a nursing cushion and baby-sitting support after birth. It can be used for a wide range of applications.

\ Attending to the feelings of pregnant women /Variation of usage

Pregnancy Support
Reduced sleeping difficulty

Reduced sleeping difficulty

Supports the weight of a pregnant woman's belly, shoulders and hips, and relaxes her legs. Supports the Sims position (a relaxing posture for pregnant women) and reduces sleeping difficulties.



Swollen legs are also supported in a relaxing position.

Reduce back pain

Reduce back Pain

When sitting on a chair or sofa, a pillow on the lower back can relieve strain, reduce back pain, and allow for a more relaxed position.

Postpartum Support
Postpartum Support
Sit-Up Support

Sit-Up Support

When the baby is ready to sit up, the cushion buttons up and sits in the center to support the sitting position.

Reduced back Pain

Nursing Pillow

If you fasten the button and turn it around your waist, it becomes a nursing pillow with a good sense of stability. Both the baby and the mother can easily take a comfortable position, reducing the burden on the mother.

Curve and Mokumoku Type

\ Curve and Mokumoku Type /Fits on stomach and hands

The inner curve is for the stomach. The mokumoku shape on the outside fits your hand and allows you to relax comfortably.

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Curve and mokumoku type

\ Easy at the touch of a button! /For your use

Easily change shape with the touch of a button.

The shape can be easily changed
with the touch of a button.

Washable all the way!

\ Always clean /Washable all the way!

The cover as well as the main body can be washed in a washing machine to keep it clean. There are a wide variety of replacement cover designs to choose from to match your room's interior.

\ Choice of patterns ! /Lineup

Pillow Body Pillow Cover
Pillow Cover(without a body)

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