Refund policy

Return, replacement and refund policy

For return and replacement, please contact Betta Baby Store contact information within eight days after your receipt of the product. The condition will be checked then. We may not accept return and replacement depending on the content. Please be noted that repair or refund will be provided if the product for replacement is sold out.

【In the case of initial defect or breakage, etc.】

Although we are taking all possible measures formanagement/ storage and delivery, in the case that there is any initial defect, breakage/ defacement, or a wrong product is delivered, we will accept return/ replacement of such product at our cost. Regarding refund for return, in principle, we will reimburse the product price and delivery fee upon arrival of such product to us.

【In the case of your reason】

In the case of your reason such that the ordered product “was not what I expected,” “is not my size,” “was a wrong order,” etc., our treatment will be as follows.

Return due to your reason

Accepted as “return” if meeting our return policy. In such case, please be noted that all shipping cost and fee for return will be at your cost. For refund, we will return the price after deducting the above cost incurred by you as soon as the product arrives at us in principle.

<Conditions for return>

All of the following must be satisfied.

  • The product purchased from other store than Betta Baby Store.
  • The product purchased from other store than Betta Baby Store.
  • The product which can be considered as “unused” by our standard.
  • The product of which the delivered accessories/ instruction manual and sales product tag, box, etc. are all present.
  • The product which is not labeled “Return not accepted” in the product page.
  • The product which is not produced after receiving order from you
  • The product which is not a part of a set product.
  • The product of which odor, defacement, scratch are made by you.
  • The product of which package (bag, box, etc.) is not lost/ broken.
  • The product considered as “defected product” by our standard other than the one inevitably produced in the process including small air bubbles and forming mark, color unevenness of natural materials, individual difference, etc. due to pattern generation

Replacement due to your reason

Replacement of the product is not accepted. Please repurchase the same product after return.