Betta tonton

Betta tonton

Our store "Bétta tonton" in Omotesando

【 6 minutes walk from Omotesando B3 exit (elevator) or B1 exit (stairs) 】
You will see the sign "Bétta tonton" along Kotto Dori.
Come visit us when you're in the area !

Bétta tonton
Address |5-12-6 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Regular Closing Day | Sunday
Opening Hours |11:30〜18:30
TEL |03-6427-4477

Any changes from the above will be announced on Instagram as needed.

"Bétta tonton" is a directly managed store located in Omotesando. In addition to the popular Dr. Betta series including baby bottles, the store also stocks baby goods, clothing, and sundries purchased in Europe.

\ Thank You ! /Our store "Bétta tonton" 6th Anniversary

"Bétta tonton", our directly managed store in Omotesando, has successfully celebrated its 6th anniversary since its opening in June 2017. Although there was a time when the store was temporarily closed due to the spread of corona, it is because of the support of everyone that we have been able to celebrate our 6th year. To show our many thanks, we will be offering a limited edition anniversary design bottle again this year. This year marks the sixth year of "Bétta tonton" and we wish for stability and harmony, and we hope that the newborn baby will have the strength and balanced good fortune not to be defeated. And we will be happy if we can participate in raising the child together with you.

We will continue to strive to be a store that is closer to our customers and loved by them more than ever before. We look forward to your continued patronage of "Bétta tonton".

Brain Wide Neck WS3-tonton 6th Anniversary 160ml

Our store "Bétta tonton"
6th Anniversary "Hexagon Bottle"

Brain Wide Neck WS3-tonton 6th
Anniversary 160ml

Betta tonton

The store is a place where you and your baby can browse comfortably together. We sell baby bottles and other Betta items as well as imported baby clothes.

Betta tonton

The entrance welcomes you with bright blue tiles and a warm wooden door. The "Bétta tonton" sign is a landmark. Inside the store there is a nursing room and diaper changing area, so feel free to stop by while shopping.

 Bétta tonton Anniversary Bottle 

Doctor Bétta Baby bottle Brain Wide Neck WS3-tonton 6th Anniversary 160ml
Check!Bétta tonton 6th Anniversary

Doctor Bétta Baby bottle Brain Wide Neck
WS3-tonton 6th Anniversary 160ml

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