Feeding posture like breastfeeding

What's Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle ?

Doctor Betta Baby Bottle designed to provide the same feeding angle as with breastfeeding


A baby bottle designed to provide the same feeding angle as with breastfeeding.

The Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle's shape is curved to provide the same ideal feeding angle as with breatsfeeding. Devised by American pediatricians and made in Japan, the Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle has been constantly improved with quality materials and an improved nipple. It has received the Kids Design Award and Good Design Award as proof of its quality.

same feeding angle design

3 benefits of having the same feeding angle as breastfeeding:

Dr. Betta's Baby bottle has a unique curve that controls the posture during lactation to be the same as breastfeeding.


Safe for the ears

Safe for the ears

Compared to an adult's, a baby's ear canal (Eustachian tube) is wide, short and horizontal: their ears are still developing. Feeding while your baby is lying flat with a tilted head can cause milk to flow into this ear tube, carrying bacteria from the throat into the middle ear - an otitis trigger. Maintaining an upright feeding position is the most effective way to prevent such ear problems.


Swallowing facilitated

Swallowing facilitated

An upright feeding position is the most natural posture taken to swallow solids and liquids: it is true for both adults and babies. This position allows milk to flow directly into the esophagus. The Dr. Bétta Baby Bottle allows your baby to choke less while feeding smoothly, even babies with poor swallowing ability or frequent cyanosis.


Much less air swallowed

Much less air swallowed

The thin curve or Dr. Bétta Baby Bottle pushes the air bubbles along its angled line, upward and away from the nipple. Swallowing less air means less undesirable burps, less spit-ups, and so your baby will enjoy the advantage of drinking plenty of milk with a significant reduction of colics.