Bétta mug
It was born out of a comment, "I wish I had a Bétta mug.
After many requests from our loyal customers, we have started to develop a straw mug for Bétta bottles. After years of twists and turns, Bétta's straw mug "Circus One" was born.
The image of "Circus" is filled with lots of fun and dreams. Each time you use it, the design is sure to spark your child's imagination.
The Bétta Straw Mug range
It comes in two colors. It's a great way to have your sister and brother in different colors.

Bétta Straw-Mug Circus ONE (Lime Green)

Bétta Straw-Mug Circus ONE (Pale Pink)
Carefully cleaned with replacement parts and cleaning brushes specially designed for the Bétta Straw Mug "Circus".
Bétta Circus Straw & Seal replacement set
Bétta Straw Brush (Blue)
Bétta Straw Brush (Pink)

Simple & easy to use

It is designed to be "easy to wash" so that you can always keep it clean. It is easy to disassemble and assemble into various parts.

Age: From 7 to 8 months when the baby is used to eating.

Capacity: 200ml


Lighter weight inner memory

There is a memory on the inside of the bottle that allows you to measure and fill it with the amount of liquid.


Slim shape

Slim shape that doesn't take up too much space in mom's bag. Because it is slender and tall, it is easy to drink from, even when placed on the table like a cup... even in small hands. Easy to carry and perfect for those who are particular about owning something that belongs to them. The texture of this bag is matt and polygonal in shape. It makes going out even more fun.


The handle turns into a strap!

Connect the left and right handles firmly above the bottle's head to form a strap.


Please make sure that the left and right handles are snapped on tightly before use.

The handle may be damaged if it is lowered forcibly while in the strap shape. Please be careful.


We're trying to design it to be as leak-proof as possible.

This is another important point. It may leak if you turn it upside down or shake it.
*It may leak if you turn it upside down or shake it.


Easy to operate with a single touch

One touch to open the lid all the way. It is also easy to operate.


Cleaning and Disinfection

I need to wash the inside of the straw clean! The straw cleaning brush was created by the mom's staff to clean the inside of straws. It feels so good! Disinfection can be done by boiling, chemical disinfection and microwave disinfection.

Mugs: 3 disinfection methods

  • sterilization by boiling
  • chemical disinfection
  • microwave disinfection

*Chemical and microwave disinfection is possible with the exception of some parts.

Handle caps cannot be disinfected with chemicals or in a microwave oven because they contain metal parts. . Please note.


Stepping up from the bottle.

Once he graduates from the bottle, the next step is the cup. Once he can drink well through a straw, it's a smooth transition to drinking from a cup. 


Train yourself to drink.

When you can hold the mug in your own hands and drink it well, it's suddenly a lot more fun to step up to the next level.


Hydration on the go

Kids and babies, "I'm thirsty! can't wait. A mug that can be used as a quick drink anytime, anywhere is a must-have for childcare.