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Both our Doctor Bétta baby bottle and our nipples are carefully crafted.

Bétta has two types of nipples called Brain and Jewel. We created two different styles to better match your baby’s preference, because different babies prefer different materials and suckling methods. We will describe the characteristics of each type so you can find the one that is best for your child.


Point 1: All babies are different

  • Babies have different drinking methods and suckling strengths.
  • The preferences and suckling methods may differ depending on their mood as well.
  • Age can also serve as a rough guide.


Point 2: When this happens, try the next size

  • When your child finishes all the milk within 10 minutes.
  • When, after one month of use, the nipple starts flattening or leaking even though you've been maintaining it well.


Point 3: When should you change to a new nipple?

  • When the hole at the tip of the nipple (round hole, cross-cut hole) tears or has grown since you started using it.
  • When the air valve at the bottom of the nipple (the cut-out to allow airflow) remains open.


Use 15 minutes as a rough guide for your baby to finish drinking milk each time and observe your baby while using it as reference!


Brain nipple features

The "Brain" nipples, designed by midwives

Brain nipple’s size guide

  • Brain nipple cross cut
    From 0 months
    A nipple for newborns created by midwives. A nipple for drinking by biting.

    The nipple’s hole is cut in a cross-cut shape to encourage mouth movement while drinking.

    Mouth movement is said to promote jaw development, strengthen the teeth, improve digestion, promote secretion of saliva, and more.


  • Brain nipple round hole S size
    From 2 months
    The hole is an S-size round hole. The round suckling hole allows a consistent amount of milk to come out. By moving the mouth while drinking, the baby exercises the mouth and gets an ample amount of milk.
 NEW: Released for for even hungrier babies!
  • Brain nipple round hole M size
    From 6 months
    The round suckling hole is slightly larger, allowing the baby to drink a consistently larger amount of milk. This nipple satisfies babies who want to drink a lot.



Jewel nipple features

A nipple made to drink on the go The Jewel nipple came from mothers' wish

Jewel nipple’s size guide

  • Jewel nipple Round hole S size
    From 0 months
    This easy-to-use nipple was born from mothers' wishes. It is made from soft materials with a round suckling hole. Because the opening is round and the nipple is soft, the milk comes out on top of the baby's tongue, encouraging healthy drinking.


 NEW: Released for for even hungrier babies!
  • Jewel nipple round hole M size
    From 4 months
    The soft materials and larger, round hole help the baby drink a large amount of milk in a reasonable amount of time. This nipple is recommended for babies who like to drink a lot.


  • Jewel nipple cross cut
    From 6 months
    The suckling hole of this soft nipple is cross-cut so the amount of milk that comes out differs depending on the baby's suckling strength. It is effective in helping your baby develop independence as they start to think about how much they want to drink.

    This nipple works for your baby’s needs, whether they want to drink a lot all at once or drink less while taking breaks.

Differences between round hole and cross-cut hole


○ Round hole S/ Round hole M

A small and round hole on the tip of the nipple so that the milk naturally flows out when the bottle is tilted: a few drops of milk on baby’s tongue are perfect to motivate a chewing motion. A nipple ideal for newborns or babies slower at suckling.




× Cross cut

A little X-shaped incision on the tip of the nipple prevents the milk from dripping: your baby has to adjust suckling power and chewing motion in order to feed. Ideal for older or stronger babies, often too fast at feeding: the objective is to allow babies to regulate the milk flow themselves, and learn to feed at their own pace.



Brain nipple and Jewel nipple interchangeability

The only difference is in the function of the nipples.

The nipple, cap, and hood can be used interchangeably for both the Brain and Jewel bottles.