Terms of service

Purpose of the Rules

The Rules shall apply to use of BÉTTA Baby Store website (hereafter “Website”) operated by Zoom. T, Co., Ltd. (hereafter “Company”).
For use of the services provided by the Website, User shall observe the provisions stipulated in the following.
Company shall take appropriate measures for User who breaches the Rules in accordance with the Rules for Use.

Acknowledgment of the Rules

1)Company shall acknowledge the Rules as User of the Services when falling under any of the following.

Please use the Services after understanding the content hereof and apply, and otherwise the Services cannot be used.

  • Those who apply for subscription of the newsletter
  • Those who used the information and contents in the Website

2)Any other provisions, rules, cautions and notices announced by the Website than the Rules shall compose a part hereof, and User shall use the Services upon acknowledgement thereof.

Conditions for use and prohibitions

User cannot use the services of the Website if falling under or possibly falling under the following.
Company may cancel or suspend shipment without an advance notice of any order considered to breach the Rules.

  • Those who does not acknowledge the Rules
  • Act against the manners of use and rules announced in the Website
  • Act to register inaccurate information and false information
  • If emails do not reach the registered email address
  • If your identification information required when forgetting or losing the password is not correctly registered
  • Application or offer under another person’s name or non-existent person’s name
  • Act to disturb Company’s operations or act to cause disadvantage to third parties
  • Any illegal act, criminal act, mental abuse, antisocial language and behavior, and such possible acts
  • Acts to infringe asset, credit, honor, privacy, etc. of Company, other users or third parties
  • Act to infringe intellectual property rights of Company or third parties
  • Act aiming for profit
  • User considered by Company as inappropriate for some reason
  • If the credit card information and the ordering person’s information differ, the automatic fraud analysis by Shopify may result in error judgment. Do not use any credit card under the name of other person than the ordering person.

Use of contents

It is User’s responsibility to confirm reliability and accuracy of the contents when using the Website contents.

Change, suspension and discontinuation of Services

Company may change, or suspend the contents of, or discontinue operations of, the Website without a prior notice to members and Users.


Any third party’s website accessible by User through the Website (hereafter “Other Websites”) and website of the companies providing gifts or products, etc. have their independent privacy policies and provisions of personal information protection.
Company shall bear no obligations or responsibilities for this point.

Privacy Policy

Company shall treat personal information in accordance with Company’s privacy policy.

See here for the privacy policy/

Indication of intellectual property right

“BÉTTA”: Copyright (c) 2000-2021 ZoomT Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
“BÉTTA” and “BÉTTA Baby Store” are the trademarks of Zoom. T, Co., Ltd.

Recommended browsers

OS browser
Windows/ Macintosh/ Internet Explorer 6 or higher

Amendment of the Rules

Company may amend the Rules from time to time without giving a prior notice to members and Users.
Please see the latest Rules for Use in this page for details of amendment.

Supplemental provisions
February 5, 2021, partially amended.