Endorsements from doctors in a variety of fields to protect your baby's health.

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Wakayama, Japan / Obstetrics and gynecology clinic, Dr. I
I have raised two children with Bétta.

We have been using Dr. Bétta bottles for 10 years now. It's a very good bottle and everyone is very happy with it. It is easy to feed and there is less burping and spitting back after drinking. It seems to be easy for babies to drink, and they often drink it. I have raised two children with Bétta myself.My first child used the Béta halfway through, but my second child used the Bétta from the beginning, so I didn't have to worry about burping or spitting back, and I thought it was a great bottle. The angle of drinking seems to be easy, and it seems to flow smoothly into the esophagus and prevent reflux into the ears. I think it's a very good product.

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Tokyo, Japan / Midwife
A good alternative to breast feeding. That's Dr. Bétta.

There are some people who cannot breastfeed for some reason, but there are many mothers who feel that it is wrong to bottle feed their babies. There are lots of things such as mothers taking medication due to illness or not being able to produce breast milk despite their efforts. Breast milk is the most ideal, but when you have no choice, you can use a good alternative to it. Breastfeeding is not only a job, but also a lot of carrying, piggybacking, cheek-sniffing, and talking to your child... there is more to nourishing your heart than breastfeeding. The most important thing is the love between mom and dad, right?

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Aichi, Japan / Otolaryngology, Dr. K
I recommend Bétta for babies with otitis media.

Babies have a thicker, shorter and more horizontal Eustachian tube (the tube connecting the nose and ears) than adults. Therefore, if you feed your baby while he is lying down, the milk, along with bacteria from the pharynx (throat), can flow down the Eustachian tube into the middle ear and cause "head-to-head otitis media". Try to breastfeed while keeping your head up as much as possible. We recommend the "Dr. Bétta bottle" to infants who come to our hospital with otitis media, and in many cases it can be cured simply by improving their drinking posture.