The nipple requires proper maintenance.

Because this is a delicate part that goes in the baby’s mouth, daily maintenance is very important.

We will explain in detail how to maintain and disinfect the nipple so you and your child can best enjoy the Doctor Bétta bottle.



Maintenance tip 1 : Check the suckling hole

Whether there is leftover milk, the hole may not open properly. Please check the opening before feeding time.

Maintenance tip 2 : The cut-out on the air valve is important

The half-dome-shaped projection on the bottom part of the nipple is the air valve. This mechanism allows air to enter through the slit in the middle and milk to come out from the tip.


Maintenance tip 3: The nipples are designed for temporary use

We recommend replacing the nipple after approximately 1 month of use.

Make sure you replace the nipple sooner if it breaks or tears.

If you suddenly change to a new nipple, your baby may be surprised and reject the new one. We recommend that you use a rotation of 3–4 nipples.


The nipple is very delicate

The nipple is very delicate. If the suckling hole at the tip and the air valve at the bottom (the cut-out to allow airflow) are stuck, no air will enter the bottom valve. This might hinder the flow of milk. Before feeding your baby, ensure there is ample air flow. We recommend replacing the nipple every 1–2 months for optimal performance.





What is a heart pin?

The heart-shaped pin is designed for maintenance of the nipple. It will be included when you purchase a bottle.

Limited-edition bottles come with a heart pin in a matching design. 

The safe, rounded tip and firm grip make parenting easy and fun

*Please do not let your baby hold it

How do you use the heart pin?

Use the heart pin to un-stick the silicone of the hole and the air valve. Check that the openings are fully open before feeding.




What should I do if little milk comes out?

For cross-cut holes, the main reason for weak flow is the tip incision sealing shut. Gently poke the cross-cut part using the heart pin to open it up.




 What about when the nipple becomes flattened?

The main reason is the sticking of the air valve at the bottom part of the nipple. This creates poor air flow. Please gently open up the air valve using the heart pin.

※ The nipple can break if you use too much force. Please handle with care.
※ Silicone material can get stuck easily. Please be sure to check it each time before use.