Definition of Betta Gift Card

“Betta Gift Card” is a prepaid payment manner which can be used like plastic cards by notifying users of the card number according to our designated manner. 


How to use Betta Gift Card

  1. Can be used for purchase of target products offered at Betta Baby Stores
  2. Multiple Betta Gift Cards can be used at the same time when purchasing target products.
  3. When paid by using a Betta Gift Card and cancelled, such amount will be refunded to the Gift Card.
  4. Betta Gift Cards can be used in combination with coupon codes.


Restrictions on Betta Gift Card

  1. A Betta Gift Card expires six (6) months after the issuance date (including the issuance date) (expires on 11:59 pm (Japan time) of the expiration date). The same shall apply to the case when a Betta Gift Card is given as a gift.
  2. The card cannot be used after the expiration date stated in the email notification. The balance will be invalid after the expiration date and the Service will be unavailable.
  3. A Gift Card cannot be used to pay for purchase of a Betta Gift Card.
  4. Betta Gift Cards cannot be exchanged with cash.
  5. No refund or return of Betta Gift Card is available after purchase.
  6. The expiration date must be appropriately notified when giving a Betta Gift Card to a third party.
  7. If you have multiple Betta Gift Cards, you cannot integrate the available balances of each Betta Gift Card into one (1) Betta Gift Card.
  8. You cannot refill a Betta Gift Card after purchasing.
  9. Betta Gift Cards can be used only by such holder. We are not responsible for any unauthorized use without your permission due to loss of the card number caused by loss or leakage of the card number after purchase. The same shall apply to the case when a Betta Gift Card is given to a third party.

Suspension of use or temporary discontinuation of Betta Gift Card

  1. Betta Gift may suspend or discontinue all or part of the Service functions without notifying its users if the following reasons are considered. In this case, users cannot use all or part of the Service functions.
  2. When the Service cannot be provided due to act of providence, blackout, system failure, communication failure and other inevitable reasons.
  3. When it is necessary to suspend the system for the Services due to system maintenance, inspection, etc.
  4. When it is doubted that the Services were used for a crime.
  5. When any other evitable reasons occurred.

  6. We shall take no responsibility for any damage, etc. to users caused due to inability to use the Services because of suspension or discontinuation of all or part of the Services.
  7. Users cannot use any Betta Gift Card if they know it was falsified, modified or wrongfully created. In this case, the users must immediately notify us thereof in the manner designated by us and prescribed and shall submit such falsified, modified or wrongfully created card.
  8. Betta Gift Cards can be purchased at Betta Baby Stores. However, Betta Gift Cards cannot be purchased in the cases of blackout, machine failure, system maintenance and inspection and other inevitable reasons for safety control.

Betta Gift Card: Termination of the Services

  1. All Services may terminate due to act of providence, change of social situations, revision and abolition of laws and other reasons by technical or operational judgment, etc. In this case, the measures shall be taken to thoroughly inform the users in the prescribed manner.
  2. In the case of the previous clause, users (limited to those currently holding a Betta Gift Card) may claim refund of the balance in the prescribed manner and we shall make a refund by confirming the balance and under the conditions that purchase history of the Betta Gift Card held by the users can be confirmed.
  3. Notwithstanding the previous clause, in the cases the balance cannot be confirmed, we shall have no obligation to make the refund and if users do not claim a refund even after sixty (60) days from the date of termination of the Services in the previous clause, they shall be considered to have waived their right to receive the refund.
  4. In the case that we terminate the Services in accordance with this article, we shall not be responsible for any other matters than refund to users in accordance with this article.

Betta Gift Card: Prohibitions

● Act for profits including resale of Betta Gift Cards

● Use related to criminal acts, fraudulent acts, illegal acts and other acts linked thereto

● Measures for breach of the terms: Suspension of use of Betta Gift Card, suspension of account, suspension of use of the Services with no refund

Supplemental provisions

May 05, 2021