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Regurgitation of milk by a baby

Many mothers have had the experience of their babies vomiting up milk after having taken the trouble to drink it. Many mothers wonder what is wrong with their babies, whether it is safe to give them the same amount of milk again right after they vomit, but if they don't give it to them, they will get hungry and lose weight....
In this issue, let us consider this spitting back of milk.

A baby's stomach is different from an adult's Are you in a good mood after vomiting?

A baby's stomach is different from an adult'sAre you in a good mood after vomiting?

We all know that the adult stomach is shaped like a J with a curve. It has a structure that prevents reflux. There are muscles at the entrance to the stomach from the esophagus (the sphincter) and at the part leading from the stomach to the intestines (the pylorus). When food comes in through the mouth, the muscles around the sphincter relax, and when food enters the stomach, the muscles at the sphincter and pylorus tighten, dissolve the food in the stomach, and when it becomes a sludge, the muscles around the pylorus relax and it flows into the intestines.

The stomach of a baby is different from that of an adult.
First of all, the shape is different. A baby's stomach is shaped like a rice caddy and is very small. Therefore, it overflows when the baby lies down. Like the neck of a teacup, a baby's stomach has a narrow part, but because the muscles are not yet developed, it tends to reflux easily and overflows when milk accumulates. If the amount of milk is too much or if the baby is unable to burp properly, regurgitation may occur.

You may be worried that he is sick, but you should judge whether he is in a good mood after vomiting or not. If the baby is fine after vomiting, there is nothing to worry about. The baby may be prone to vomiting, so try holding the baby vertically for a little longer after feeding.
Pathological vomiting is when the child vomits like a fountain every time or is limp after vomiting. In such cases, see your pediatrician as soon as possible.

To prevent vomiting back up Correct nursing posture and good latch-on

To prevent vomiting back upCorrect nursing posture and good latch-on

First of all, when breast milk or formula is drunk, it is easy to spit it back up if air is drunk together with the milk.

If breastfeeding, make sure to feed the baby by nipping it up to the nipple.
In the case of formula, it is best to keep the baby's head upright as much as possible so that spit-up is less likely to occur.

The following measures can be taken to prevent spitting up.

  • Make sure you have the correct feeding position and are latching on well. Latch-on means to fill the mouth with breast milk. If you can latch on well, your mother's milk secretion will improve and your milk supply will increase.
  • Even when giving milk from a bottle, it is necessary to hold the baby in a position that allows the baby to drink the milk as if it were breast milk. Give the baby a slow drink over a period of about 15 minutes.
  • After feeding, hold the baby vertically and burp him or her by lightly patting the back or rubbing the back from bottom to top.

Reduces burping and spitting up Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle

Reduces burping and spitting upDoctor Bétta Baby Bottle

I assume that the mothers who visit this site are those who use Doctor Bétta baby bottles, but since some of you may only visit this site, I would like to introduce Doctor Bétta baby bottles to you.

Doctor Bétta's baby bottle allows the baby to feed in a head-up position, similar to the breastfeeding position. This structure reduces the amount of air that is swallowed, thereby reducing burping and spitting up.
Also, Doctor Bétta Baby's Brain Nipple is a nipple designed by a midwife, so it is a bottle that can latch on from the bottle. This reduces spit-up and prevents aspiration, which could result in milk flowing into the ear canal or into the trachea.

Tomoko Kawai, the founder and president of this company, was troubled by the fact that her own child developed otitis media when he was two weeks old and had frequent outbreaks after that. When she saw this baby bottle, she thought, "This is it! They decided to sell the bottles in Japan and asked a Japanese glass craftsman to make the bent bottles for them, which they did with great difficulty! That's how it all started. Mothers are strong! Mothers are strong!

→ Feeding posture like breastfeeding | Bétta Baby Store

I find that bottle-feeding prevents air from entering the bottle and allows me to feed my baby in the same position as if I were breastfeeding her, which helps prevent spitting up.

Spitting back up should settle down around 3 months of age, and even if it continues, it will subside by the time the child is able to sit up.

Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle

Invented by a pediatrician

Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle

The unique curves allow for the same posture as breastfeeding. Prevents ear infections and aspiration, and reduces burping and spitting up.

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