Nipple&Heart Pin


I want you to know more.
Bétta's nipple and nipple care heart pins.

The Dr. Bétta is shaped like a baby bottle, but it's also very particular about its nipple.

There are two series of nipples available at Bétta. The reason why there are two types is because they are actually compatible with different babies. Babies have different preferences for the firmness and elasticity of the material and the way they suck, so this one will definitely work for them! This is a very difficult item to find. Nevertheless, I'd like to find a nipple that fits my baby! Many moms are like that.

As a Bétta, I'd love to see you use your nipples correctly first, and I'd love for you to get your baby to drink it! With that in mind, let's learn more about caring for your nipples.


What is a heart pin?

This is a heart-shaped pin created for the maintenance of the nipple. It will be included when you purchase 1 baby bottle.For limited edition bottles, it comes with a heart pin with matching color to the bottle at that time.

A design that makes parenting enjoyable,

Bétta doesn't cut corners when it comes to cleaning products. Our goal was to create a design that would be a little more fun for moms.

(Rounded tip with safety in mind)

Rounded tip with safety in mind

The tips are gently rounded to avoid hurting mom's hands.
*Please be mindful to not let your baby hold it.


Easy to grip

I made the part near the tip a little thicker to make it easier to clean.

How do you use the heart pin?

When you purchase the baby bottle or nipple, a lot of times the silicone is stuck so every time before feeding, gently open up the hole at the tip and the air valve using the heart pin.


What about when milk has difficulty coming out?
For cross cut, the main reason is the sticking of the incision at the tip. Please open up the cross cut part by gently poking with the heart pin.


What about when the nipple becomes flattened?
The main reason is the sticking of the air valve at the bottom part of the nipple (the cut out to allow airflow) and improper inflow of air. Please gently open up the air valve using the heart pin.

※ There is a possibility of breaks if you use too much force. Please handle with care.
※ Silicone material has the characteristic of being easily stuck. Please be sure to check it each time before use.


The nipple requires great care.

Because it is a delicate part which enters the mouth of the baby, daily maintenance is very important.

Your first Doctor Bétta baby bottle. With hopes that you can use the nipple correctly and in hopes that your baby will drink from it, we will explain in detail how to maintain and disinfect the nipple.