Opened Tmall global Bétta flagship store

Bétta T-mall Global Notice of Shop Closure

Zoom.T Co.,Ltd. has closed T-mall Global as of the end of March 2024. We are very grateful for the many people who purchased our products in China.

For future purchases in China, please purchase from our authorized distributor's store. A list of our authorized distributors can be found here.

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Thank you for your continued patronage of Dr. Bétta baby bottles.

Bétta's baby bottles have become popular with many customers. Originally, there were many customers who were unable to purchase our products because their production was limited. However, in China, companies selling counterfeit products that imitated our brand appeared, causing trouble for consumers. Based on this, we have continued to fight against misappropriated trademarks. In July 2019, the Beijing Court of Final Appeal fully recognized our legitimacy, and we were able to win the case.

By thoroughly eliminating imitation products, we have opened the only official flagship store " Betta Overseas Flagship Store (Tmall) " in Tmall so that we can deliver safe and secure products to more customers. bottom. Thank you for waiting.

We will do our best to deliver high-quality, safe and secure products that are full of the thoughts of the pediatrician who designed them, and Bétta's way of thinking about breastfeeding.

Opened Tmall global Bétta flagship store

"Achieving the ideal breastfeeding posture" is the reason for the curve of the Dr. Bétta baby bottle. It was developed by focusing on the difference in disease incidence between breastfed babies and bottle-fed babies. The pediatricians who developed it believe that 70% of illnesses that occur in infants are caused by breastfeeding while the head is lying down.
For all babies who use baby bottles to drink milk, we want to be a brand that is close to our customers.

"Doctor Betta Baby Bottle" will continue to provide high quality products and services for the healthy growth of children around the world.

When purchasing "Dr. Bétta baby bottle" made in Japan by ZOOM T. Co., Ltd., please purchase it at Bétta's directly managed stores or authorized distributors.

Opened Tmall global Bétta flagship store


2020.3.06 Official announcement: Bétta Tmall sole official flagship store|Official opening!

Opened Tmall global Bétta flagship store

For many years, Bétta's childhood series products, direct purchases of consumer blues, have become replacement purchases, and the production volume is very limited. In addition, the product has been released as a Bétta product, and it is not in the market, so it is very difficult for consumers in terms of molding, packaging, etc. Because of this, after years of unwavering efforts by the Chinese and Japanese commercial law departments, Bétta received the final judgment of the Beijing Municipal High Court in July 2019.

In order to avoid consumer purchases and purchases of products, Bétta is the only official flagship store in Tmall, Betta overseas flagship store (Tmall International) .

We believe that Chinese consumers have come to collect the medical bioscience concept of authentic high-quality infant series products, and Bétta's leading breast-feeding concept.

Opened Tmall global Bétta flagship store
We should pay attention to the difference in disease incidence between the breast milk bottle and the bottle bottle used. Curved design, which is Bétta's biggest bright spot, is the ideal safe breastfeeding posture.
Participating product development medical students acknowledged that "70% of childhood diseases are caused by breastfeeding". We hope, “Dr. Bétta 奶头 is the best service for the health and growth of children all over the world.
Welcome to Japan Co., Ltd. Zoom Tea opened a direct store, and we will provide you with the best quality products and the best service from Japan!

Opened Tmall global Bétta flagship store