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Critical differences between women and men Women are the 'procreative sex.'

Critical differences between women and menWomen are the 'procreative sex.'

When we think again about the crucial difference between women and men since we were born as human beings, it goes without saying that women have the “sex that can give birth. Being able to give birth means not only that one actually gives birth or has given birth, but also that one has the sex that enables one to give birth without giving birth.

It is, as I have written before

  • 1. Strength to withstand ambiguity
  • 2. Patience to cope with daily childcare that is the same thing over and over again without getting bored
  • 3. Intuition to notice small changes

I believe that this is the strong power of women who can give birth.

In the past, during a short life span of about 50 years, it was a normal lifetime for a woman to have three to seven children, perform household chores in a large family, and raise children for the rest of her life. At such times, women would have finished their lives by demonstrating their childbearing potential, or resourcefulness, to the best of their ability.
A woman's life is to give birth until she can no longer see the cleats of the shoji (a metaphor for the pain of becoming distant), to manage the relationship between wife and mother-in-law, to raise her children until they leave the nest, to perform all household chores, and eventually to complete her role in the family.

Creating an environment where we can help each other at work and at home

Childcare does not go as plannedCreating an environment where we can help each other at work and at home

Today, we live in an era in which people work shoulder to shoulder with men. Regardless of gender, those who can do the work will rise to the top. What I would like to emphasize is that those who have been working hard, especially those who have been working hard, will be at a loss if they try to raise their children as quickly and efficiently as they do at work. Childcare is not required to have the same QCD as work.

In business, we are told to be conscious of Q=Quality, C=Cost, and D=Delivery! It is true that people can work with a set of goals in mind and work toward those goals. It is true that people who set their own goals and work toward them are the ones who can get the job done.

But childcare has nothing to do with them. What is a delivery time? Even if you think, “I have to feed the baby and put it to bed by what time...,” childcare does not go as planned. If you think about efficiency and saving money and change diapers less often, the baby's bottom will turn red in no time. You can't take care of your child as if you were working.
It seems that the more career women who worked hard at their jobs and tried to tackle childcare as they did their jobs, the harder it became for them because childcare was not going the way they wanted it to. I have heard some say that there is no end in sight, and that they have no time for private life. Unlike my subordinates, my own children do not follow my wishes. I have no choice but to adapt myself to my children.

And conversely, do not work as if you were raising a child.
Work has a beginning and an end, there is a set amount of time, and QCD and goal management are necessary.
Chatting with female employees in other departments as if you were exchanging information with your mother's friend, gossiping, etc., will make you the most disliked person in the company.
The life-threatening experience of childbirth, the sense of fear and state of mind, so to speak, may cause you to lose your humility and sincerity toward your boss and coworkers, and you may become distant from everyone. Since you are working in a situation where you do not know when you will be called away from the school or school for your child, you will need to help and discuss with each other and with your co-workers, explain your current work situation properly, and be considerate and considerate enough to accommodate your sudden absence from work.
It is also necessary to make sure that the family understands the current work situation and that a system is in place for the father to pick up the child from daycare if he is unable to leave.

In this day and age, it is normal to balance childcare and work, and I would like to show people around me the care that only a woman can show, and create a warm environment where people can help each other both at work and at home.

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Midwife Yoko Nambu

After graduating from Tokyo Medical and Dental University School of Nursing and obtaining a national nursing license, and graduating from the Japanese Red Cross School of Midwifery and obtaining a national midwifery license, she worked as a midwife in the obstetrics and gynecology ward of Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital, attending over 300 births and picking up babies. After that, she established "Toraube Inc.", a consultation office mainly for women's body. As a woman's ally, she provides consultation for problems at all ages. She believes that women should understand their own body as their own. She believes that this will lead to the solution of all problems and deals with them on a daily basis.
Her hobbies include traveling with her husband, listening to movies and music, and playing healthy mahjong.

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