Recently, it has been confirmed that a counterfeit Bétta product, 贝太, is being sold on the Amazon site in Japan.
Please be very careful as products labeled as "贝台" are inferior imitations sold by Chinese vendors. The Chinese notation of the genuine product is "蓓特". We hope that you will continue to patronize the official "Bétta" "Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle" in the future.


2020.6.17 Circumstances related to the blasphemy product "Koto" in Japan

Recently, we have confirmed that Bétta's pirated product "Tower" is currently available on

Please be careful, there is a product on the net that has a "Turbo" product, which is a fake product owned by a Chinese company. Our official Chinese representation is "蓓特". In the future, I would like to thank you again for your support and support for our authenticity label, "Special Bétta".