A baby bottle that reduces regurgitation

Here are some posts from users who actually use Dr. Bétta baby bottles😊

I want moms and dads who are troubled by regurgitation of babies to see it!

The trigger was a gift plan for pregnant women

After giving birth, I received it as a gift at the house of a mother who had mixed childcare.

You posted that the Dr. Bétta baby bottle is doing a great job.

🍼 It looks cute! 😂
🍼 Easy to hold even with a curve 🍼 You can drink at the same ideal angle as breastfeeding (do not lay your head down)
🍼Difficult to enter the ear canal 🍼Difficult to swallow 🍼Difficult to swallow air →This is the most appreciated! ☺️

It was difficult to burp and I had a lot of regurgitation, so the bubbles escaped along the curve and I regurgitated less.😄

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Thank you very much✨