Introducing why doctors recommend Bétta baby bottles✨

Doctors who raised their own children on Bétta bottles...
"Protect your baby" Please refer to the voices of doctors in various fields 👇

Wakayama Prefecture / Obstetrician and Gynecologist I
“I myself raised two children in Betta. 』

Our hospital has been using Dr. Bétta baby bottles for 10 years.

It is a very good baby bottle and everyone is very happy with it. It is easy to give, and it is characterized by less burping and regurgitation after drinking. It seems to be easy for babies to drink, and it has a reputation for drinking well.

I myself raised two children with Betta. The first child was halfway through, but the second child was a Betta from the beginning, so I thought it was a great baby bottle because I didn't have to worry about burping or regurgitation.

It seems to be easy to drink from, and it seems to flow smoothly into the esophagus and prevent backflow into the ears.

Tokyo / Ms. Y, midwife
"A good alternative to breast milk. That is Doctor Betta. 』

There are some people who cannot breastfeed for various reasons, but many mothers feel that bottle-feeding is a bad thing.

There are various things such as sick mothers taking medicine, or not being able to produce breast milk despite their best efforts. Breast milk is the most ideal, but if you can't help it, you can use a good alternative.

Raising a child is not just a job of breastfeeding, but a lot of cuddles, piggyback rides, cheek rubs, and conversations.
The most important thing is the love of mom and dad.

Aichi Prefecture / Otorhinolaryngology Dr. K
“I recommend Betta for babies with otitis media. 』

In babies, the eustachian tube (the tube that connects the nose to the ear) is thicker, shorter, and horizontal than in adults.

Therefore, if the baby is given milk while lying down, the milk may flow into the middle ear from the eustachian tube together with the bacteria in the pharynx, causing ``positional otitis media''.
Keep your head up as much as possible while breastfeeding.

At our hospital, we recommend the “Doctor Bétta Nursing Bottle” for infants who come to the hospital with otitis media, but there are many cases in which the condition can be cured simply by improving the drinking posture.