Bétta Gift Card


Frequently Asked Questions about Gift Cards

About Gift Cards

Does this have an expiration date?
Yes, it has.
Bétta Gift Card on sale now is valid for 6 months.
Are there any products or services that are not available?
It is not possible to purchase another Bétta Gift Card with using Bétta Gift Card.

Purchase of Gift Cards

Can I purchase Beta Gift Card by coupon?
No. We cannot.
It is not possible to purchase only Gift Card with coupon.
Can I get a refund when I cancel the order by using Bétta Gift Card?
We can give a refund to your Bétta Gift Card when you pay with it.

Use of Gift Cards

How can I use this?
Please see this about detail information about how to use.
Is it possible to verify balance of Bétta Gift Card?
Yes, it is possible.
You can verify amount used and balance to check arrived email after purchasing. If you have trouble in checking your email, please contact us. Please note that it will take some time for us to reply.
Can I use Bétta Gift Card more than once?
You can use this when it has a balance.
Can I specify the amount of the Bétta Gift Card to be used?
You cannot specify the amount of Bétta Gift Card to be used.
Can I use some Bétta Gift Cards for purchase?
Yes, it is possible.
Please type your code of Bétta Gift Cards.
Can I pay shipping fee and consumption tax with Bétta Gift Card?
Yes. Bétta Gift Card can be used for paying total order including shipping fee and consumption tax.
Can I use Bétta Gift Card with coupon code at the same time?
You can use this when it has a balance.
I'm having trouble using my gift card code.
You cannot complete your purchase order for SET PRICE★ product using both Gift Card and coupon as it cannot be used together. Please choose coupon or SET PRICE★ for purchase.