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Frequently Asked Questions about Feeding Bottles

Questions about use

How many baby bottles should I have?
Two baby bottles and about 2-3 nipples should be good. It depends on how they're used and the state of the mother's milk, but we recommend gradually buying more while keeping an eye on how they look.
Are the BRAIN series and JEWEL series compatible?
The nipples, caps, and hoods for both BRAIN and JEWEL series are compatible, so they can be exchanged.
When bottle-feeding, is the air valve supposed to be in a certain position?
The air valve can be used no matter what position it is set at.
Is the scale on the baby bottles inaccurate?
The scale on the bottle is a guide for formula feeding. In accordance with the quality labeling regulations of the Japanese Standards Association (JIS), the capacity is inspected and controlled at the maximum scale. Regulations differ depending on materials and capacities. For more accurate measurements, please use a digital scale.
When setting the nipple, is it okay that there is a gap between the ring and the nipple?
It is normal for there to be a gap when the nipple is set on the ring. There are grooves to improve the air flow, and when the nipple is set on the ring, there is a bit of "play" on the contact portion.
There is foam in the baby bottle during nursing.
The foam is created when the baby sucks, and this is proof that air is being introduced into it. The air valve is functioning normally so that no vacuum effect happens inside the bottle: this is not a problem.
When making milk, is it okay to cool it with ice water?
Glass is very weak to sudden temperature changes, so please do not do that. Place it under running water, or soak it in a bowl of water to cool it down.
When using Doctor Bétta baby bottles, is it okay if I don't make the baby burp?
No, even when using a Bétta baby bottle, make sure that baby burps. Bétta baby bottles can be used to nurse with baby sitting up, so it reduces the amount of air the baby is sucking in, but that does not mean the baby will not burp at all. About 10 minutes after nursing, have them sit up and burp.
The baby looks up while drinking it. What should I do?
The results of using a curved bottle can only be demonstrated by nursing a sitting up baby, so try to have the baby in a posture that has them looking forward when nursing instead of looking up. Especially with newborns before their neck is stable, support them with a cushion and use it naturally.
I have the Medical series, but can I use it with the current nipples and rings/caps?
The Medical series is incompatible with the current JEWEL and BRAIN series, so do not use them with it.
The opening to the baby bottle is at an angle, but can I put in solidified milk?
Common solidified milk can go inside of it.

Questions about nipples

What are the differences between the BRAIN nipples and the JEWEL nipples?
The BRAIN nipples came from an idea by midwives: they are similar to a mother's breasts and promote powerful mastication. The JEWEL nipples are a basic type that prioritizes milk drinking. For details, see .
How should the round cut nipple and the cross cut nipple be used differently?
Round cut: When tilted, a fixed amount of milk will naturally flow out.Cross cut: Sucking on the nipple opens the cut and milk is released. Since the amount that released changes based on suction strength, the baby can control the amount they drink.
* Please choose in accordance with your preferences for feeding time (around 15 minutes is safe) and suction strength.
Do the nipples have sizes? Should I change it depending on the age in months of the baby?
Bétta's nipples do not come in different sizes. The BRAIN and JEWEL nipples each have a Round Hole version or a Cross Cut version. These four types of nipples can be used for newborns up through the weaning stage, and there is no need to use it differently depending on the age in months of the baby. With about a 15 minutes nursing time, watch as the baby suckles how much strength is used to suckle, and choose one that matches what the baby likes.Click here to learn more.
When purchasing a bottle, can I ask to exchange the nipple provided in it with another type instead?
Every bottle comes indeed with a free nipple depending on its series:
  • BRAIN series bottles come with a BRAIN nipple (Cross Cut).
  • JEWEL series bottles come with a JEWEL nipple (Round Hole S).

  • Unfortunately it is not possible to swap the nipple provided in a bottle with another one: you may still purchase it additionally.
Can I use another manufacturer replacement nipple on one of Bétta baby bottles?
Flaws may occur as a result, so please use Bétta exclusive replacement nipples.
How often do the nipples need to be changed?
Alternate between 3-4 or more and swap them once every 1-2 months. Babies sometimes get used to a nipple and then dislike swapping to a new one, so it is better to use several in order. Also, if you use the same nipple every time it will deteriorate faster, so we recommend using several in a row.
I'm having trouble with the tips of the nipples collapsing.
We have compiled a list of approaches for dealing with nipples collapsing. Please check below.
  • Has it deteriorated due to use? The nipples degrade after 1-2 months. Try swapping for a new one.
  • Is the teat or air valve clogged up? Use the heart pin to remove the milk residue etc. that is blocking the hole. In addition, the slit of the air valve sticks together easily, so try poke it with the heart pin to make it open more smoothly.
  • Is the air valve damaged or deformed? Check if the air valve has broken inside, or whether it has torn and opened a hole.
  • The cap is closed too tightly. Closing too tightly worsens the air circulation. Please adjust it to make sure it has not been over tightened.
Milk leaks from the gap between the nipple and the cap, what should I do?
We have compiled a list of approaches for handling milk leakage. Please check below.
  • Has it deteriorated due to use? The nipples degrade after 1-2 months. Try swapping for a new one.
  • Has the nipple been set up correctly? Reset the nipple from the beginning and ensure that the cap is not shut too tightly.
  • Has the nipple been set up without prior drying? Leakage can occur if the nipple is wet. Please dry it sufficiently before use.
  • Is the air valve damaged or deformed? Check if the air valve has broken inside, or whether it has torn and opened a hole.
How many replacement nipples do I need?
Use 3 or more nipples alternately. Once the baby has gotten used to one nipple, they will likely dislike switching to a new nipple, so please use multiple nipples by rotating them. Also, if you use a single replacement nipple for a long time, it will lose its elasticity and is likely to get damaged. So that they last a long time, we recommend alternating between multiple nipples.
The milk doesn't come out even when I tilt it with the cross cut nipple. How should I test the milk's temperature?
After the temperature of the formula has gone down enough, check the surface temperature of the baby bottle.
I am concerned about the nipple's smell.
The nipples are made from silicone rubber, so there is a slight smell from the rubber itself. This will fade with use.
Do the nipples have an expiration date?
Even when silicone nipples are unused, they will change color and deteriorate over time. Please use them within 2-3 years after purchase as a rough estimate. Do not use it if it exceeds that time period.
When I raise the bottle with a nipple that has a round hole, the milk comes out of the tip too fast.
The nipples with round holes are designed so the milk naturally flows from the tip, so the milk may come out fast when the baby bottle is inclined, but after a while, it will settle down and come out in drips. Also, before nursing, if you remove the cap to release the hot air inside the bottle and then reapply the cap, the milk will come out more slowly, so please try it.
When bottle-feeding, is the air valve supposed to be in a certain position?
The air valve can be used no matter what position it is set at.

Questions about glass baby bottles

There are air bubbles inside the baby bottle, is this alright?
哺乳びんの気泡の画像As the bottles are made by hand there are inevitably some small air bubbles, however this does not make the product defective. Please be assured that there are no issues with strength or safety with regular use. In the unlikely event that there are air bubbles larger than 3mm, or if bubbles have caused scratches, irregularities, etc., please refrain from use and contact us at the counter as soon as possible.
I can see something like a line of streaks in my glass baby bottle, is the product defective?
ガラス製哺乳びん線状の筋画像The glass baby bottles have streaks from side to side from their mold. Again, as they are handmade, when the rolled glass hardens, wavelike curved streaks become visible, but this is not a defect. Please be assured that with normal use there are no issues with the strength or safety of the product.
What is borosilicate glass?
This is heat resistant glass. Borosilicate glass is the technical term of this glass, and in general, baby bottles made of glass are made from borosilicate glass.

Questions about plastic baby bottles

There are black spots on my PPSU baby bottle.
PPSU製哺乳びんに黒点Occasionally there are small black spots. These spots are unavoidably mixed in during the manufacturing process, but they are absolutely not hazardous or unsanitary. Please be assured that there are no problems associated with them.
I feel as though my PPSU baby bottle became browner after I disinfected it.
It should be fine. The materials used in PPSU baby bottles are a light, honey brown color. Please be assured that they do not become brown through disinfection.
Are they BPA / BPS free?
Please be assured that Doctor Bétta baby bottles use no materials that contain BPA / BPS for either the bottles or other parts.

Questions about cleaning and disinfection

Please tell me how to care for the nipples.
The nipples are very delicate. Hold the tip with your finger and wash it gently so that the nipple brush does not pierce it, then disinfect it. Please use the heart pin for blockages in the air valve or hole of the nipple.
Please tell me about cleaning the baby bottles.
Place it in lukewarm water immediately after nursing, and scrub it with detergent to the bottom in all four corners. Commercial cleaning utensils such as sponge brushes etc. can fail to reach the corners so please use the baby bottle brush and nipple brush made for Bétta products.
Can I wash the baby bottle, nipples, etc. in the dishwasher?
The bottoms of the bottles and the smaller parts of the nipples will be difficult to clean, furthermore long exposure to hot air and water speeds up the degradation of the materials, so we recommend cleaning with the specialized brushes.
Please tell me about disinfecting the baby bottles.
The glass, PPSU, and PP baby bottles, the nipples, caps and lids can all be disinfected by boiling, disinfectants or by microwave. The Tritan made bottles cannot be microwave disinfected.
  • [Sterilization by boiling]
    Place the washed baby bottle, nipple, and cap in a pot filled with water, and bring to the boil for between 3-5 minutes.
    *The bottles can break if placed suddenly in boiling water, so please ensure to check the state of the water first.
    *If you boil without putting lots of water in there is a risk of breaking or deformation when coming into contact with the edge of the pot.
  • [Microwave sterilization]
    We sell a "Curve" case for disinfecting Dr. Bétta baby bottles in the microwave. Separate the cleaned baby bottle, nipples, cap or lid into pieces and place them into the case with an amount of water around 80% of the capacity of the cap. Close the lid on the case and disinfect it by microwaving for three minutes at 500W.
    *Do not microwave the Tritan baby bottles.
    *Please ensure to also follow the instruction manuals of other companies when using their products.
  • [Sterilization with disinfectants]
    For sterilizing with disinfectants, please use only chemicals made for use with baby bottles and follow the instruction manual.
    *The color of the printing may change or become lighter.
Is there an exclusive Doctor Bétta disinfecting case?
Yes, we sell a special microwave sterilization case. For details, please refer to "Dr. Betta Baby Bottle Microwave Sterilization Case Curve".
Can I put it in a disinfecting case from the market?
Please check the size of the disinfecting case before using one.
Please teach me how to use the specialty brush.
After use, immediately rinse thoroughly in running water and leave to dry in a place with good ventilation. The baby bottle brush and nipple brush can both be disinfected with boiling water. The brushes will deteriorate more easily if not rinsed and dried correctly, so please take care.
What is the heat resistant temperature of the baby bottles?
  • Glass: Heat resistant temperature 120°C.
  • PPSU: Heat resistant temperature 180°C.
  • Polypropylene: Heat resistant temperature 120°C.
  • Tritan: Heat resistant temperature 110°C.
Can I disinfect the nipples, caps and lids?
They can be sterilized by boiling, disinfectants, or by microwave.
How long do I need to disinfect?
As a rule of thumb, disinfection of baby bottles is essential until the baby is 3 to 4 months old. Even after this period, it is safer to disinfect bottles when the baby is not feeling well, during the rainy season, and in the summer.

Questions about size and material differences

What size should I choose?
Newborns up to 3 months old babies cannot retain much liquid, so an 80ml or a 150ml bottle would be a good choice. Once 3 months old and above, they will start to retain more milk, so 200ml bottles and above become useful at that period.
How should I use glass bottles and plastic bottles properly?
Use glass bottles for newborns and during indoors, while plastic bottles are more convenient when going outside. Use them depending on the situation with the following indication:
  • Glass bottles
    They are unlikely to get scratched, and stay hygienic, so they are suited for use at home (especially with newborns), but they are also delicate in that hitting them strongly with something or dropping them will cause them to break. They are also heavier compared to plastic bottles, so they may not be suitable for carrying around.
  • Plastic bottles
    They are very light, and are made from an easy to use material, so they are suitable for carrying around when going outside. However, they have tendency to get scratched or develop smells, so they are not suitable for keeping for later use like your next childbirth.
What do the letters and numbers like G1 or S3 mean?
The first letter of a product name is the material, and the number is the amount design colors.
G stands for glass, P for polypropylene, S for PPSU and T for Tritan. For example, S3 indicates a bottle made of PPSU and with a 3 colors scale. Note that there is no difference in the product's capacity or specification.
There are so many models of baby bottles, which one should I choose?
We recommend the BRAIN series for newborns to learn the good effects from masticating and chewing. If the BRAIN series is difficult for your baby, try out the JEWEL series that would match your nursing time (roughly 10-15 minutes), depending on how strongly your baby sucks on it, and their preference.
Bétta baby bottles are made in various materials, but what are their differences?
  • Made of glass:
    Heat resistant to 120°C, colorless and transparent, OK for disinfection by boiling, with a medicinal solution, or with a microwave oven
  • Made of PPSU:
    Heat resistant to 180°C, a chic honey color, shock resistant, OK for disinfection by boiling, with a medicinal solution, or with a microwave oven
  • Made of polypropylene:
    Heat resistant to 120°C, milky-white, good cost performance, OK for disinfection by boiling, with a medicinal solution, or with a microwave oven
  • Made of Tritan:
    Heat resistant to 110°C, colorless and transparent, not intended for disinfection with a microwave oven, OK for disinfection by boiling, or with a medicinal solution
How many months after birth should the 80ml, 120ml, and 150ml bottles be used?
The small sizes are for newborns up through weaning with barley tea, and can be used for a long time.

Questions about Dr. Bétta Baby Bottles

Why does the Bétta botte have this shape?
This shape comes from an idea by American pediatricians so that a baby could drink in a natural position with their head upright.
Why is it good to have the baby raise their head to nurse?
By drinking in a natural posture with their head raised, risks for the milk to flow into the ear canal are reduced, mis-swallowing risks are also reduced, and the air ingestion is lessened.
Where in Japan is it manufactured?
The glass baby bottles are made in Tokyo, and the plastic baby bottles are manufactured in Saitama.
Is it made in Japan?
Yes, our products are made in Japan.
Has it gone through a radioactive material inspection?
Radioactive material inspections are carried out by a public inspection agency, and none have been detected.
I’ve fond kinda scratch on the hood cap. What is it ?
In the process to shape plastic, two molds are set in pairs and raw material, resin, is injected into. On this process, it is inevitable to have tiny hole at the appropriate place to inject raw material properly; this is called “injecting port”. In order for the raw material flowing evenly and shaping totally beautiful, it is necessary to choose the best injecting port; as the result, sometimes injecting port is remained on an obvious place and it looks like a kind of scratch. Up to the color of hood/cap, it may or may not be noticeable, but in any case, there is no problem for safety. This is unavoidable case on manufacturing due to the fact that Dr. Betta baby bottles are produced by craftsmen’s hand works; then therefore, we sincerely would like you to feel relieved.
Slim Neck
キャップの小さなキズは製造過程で発生する成形跡 キャップの小さなキズは製造過程で発生する成形跡 フードの小さなキズは製造過程で発生する成形跡 フードの小さなキズは製造過程で発生する成形跡
Wide Neck
キャップの小さなキズは製造過程で発生する成形跡 キャップの小さなキズは製造過程で発生する成形跡 フードの小さなキズは製造過程で発生する成形跡 フードの小さなキズは製造過程で発生する成形跡

Questions about baby bottle accessories

How long does the Warmth Pouch keep its temperature?
If you put in hot water, you can nurse for the next 1-2 hours. However, the heat retention time will differ depending on the season and the environment where it is used. If outside for a long time, we recommend using it together with a thermos flask. Especially when the outside air temperature is low or when you do not have much hot water, the temperature of it may drop dramatically. From a hygienic point of view, do not carry around milk that has been prepared as formula.
There are all kinds of Warmth Pouches, but is there any difference in features or size?
There is no difference between the features of the Warmth Pouches but there may be a slight difference between sizes based on the design because of the fabric.
Can I wash the Bétta Warmth Pouch?
It is possible to hand wash it, but the material may deteriorate when washed frequently, so please be careful of that. If milk or something else sticks to it, wipe it off quickly. After washing it, adjust its shape, and hang it in the shade to dry. Do not use it in a washing machine or a dryer.
How do I use the heart pin?
The notches such as the nipple's suck hole or air valve tend to get clogged with milk sediment. Gently poke at the notches such as the nipple's suck hole or air valve with the heart pin, and by opening them up, the milk will come through smoothly.
Should I use a detergent exclusively for baby bottles?
Bétta bottles are only used for babies, so please use a very mild detergent. We strongly recommend the use of our Bétta Sugar Wash, made of extracts of natural vegetable, oil from sugarcane and palm trees.
Should I clean a Bétta bottle with brush from the market?
Doctor Bétta baby bottles are curved and with a square bottom, so please use our exclusive Bétta brushes for baby bottles and nipples. With common washing tools such as sponges from the market, they will not reach every corner, and some places will be left unclean.
How long do I have to sterilize a Bétta bottle?
As a rough estimate, baby bottles and related items must be sterilized up to 3-4 months after birth. Also, even after this time passes, you should sterilize it when the baby is not feeling well, during the rainy season, or during the summer for peace of mind.
Can the funnel be disinfected?
Boiling, liquid sterilizers, and microwaves cannot be used (heatproof temperature is 90 degrees).
Can the Bétta milk case be sterilized?
Sterilization by boiling water or medicinal solution is OK, but do not sterilize in a microwave oven (heat resistant to 115°C)
Can the Bétta Heart pin be sterilized?
Do not sterilize by boiling water or microwave oven, sterilization with a medicinal solution is OK (heat resistant to 90°C)
Can the Bétta Sceptre be sterilized?
Sterilization by boiling water or medicinal solution is OK, do not sterilize in a microwave oven (heat resistant to 120°C)
Can the specialized brushes be disin
Sterilization by boiling water or medicinal solution is OK, do not sterilize in a microwave oven (heat resistant to 120°C)
*Nipple brushes (small, tree-shaped) that were previously sold can also be sterilized by boiling. Please do not disinfect in a microwave oven or with a chemical solution. After cleaning and disinfecting, please drain and dry thoroughly.
When using the bétta baby bottle brush, there is a peculiar smell.
You may smell a scent particular to the natural horse hair the baby bottle brush is made with, but this gradually fades with use. This is not a health issue, so please do not worry about it.
Please boil Bétta Baby Bottle brush after washing with Bétta Sugar Wash before first use when its smell bothers you.
About the expiration date for the sugar wash
It lasts for 3 years unopened. After opening it, please use all of it within 6 months. It is made with natural ingredients, so it tends to change color when exposed to air, but this does not affect its use.
There is a mark that looks like a scratch on the cap and hood.
The traces of the material poured into the mold may look like scratches. This does not pose a problem during use, so please use it without any worries.
There is a mark that looks like a scratch on the cap and hood
The traces of the material poured into the mold may look like scratches. This does not pose a problem during use, so please use it without any worries.

Questions about product renewal information

"Zoom t" is printed on some glass bottles but not on others: is there a difference?
There was a change to the embossment of the bottles. After the change, our company name "Zoom.T" was added to the bottom. There is no change in the quality or the features of the products between the previous and current ones, so please use them without any worries.
Some of the plastic baby bottles have a "heat resistant temperature" and some do not, but is there a difference?
With products up to now, the heat resistant temperature was not listed on the bottom of the baby bottles, but after the change, it is now listed on the bottom of the baby bottles. There is no change in the quality or the features of the products between the previous and current ones, so please use them without any worries.
Some of the brain nipples have a "droplet symbol" and some do not, but is there a difference?
A "droplet symbol" is used as to identify the position of the air valve on both the JEWEL nipples and BRAIN nipples. There is no change in the quality or the features of the products between the previous and current ones, so please use them without any worries.
There seems to be a difference between the bases of some jewel nipples?
There is a difference between the base of some JEWEL nipples (Round Hole) and JEWEL nipples (Cross Cut). Both are normal products, and there is no difference in the quality, so please use them without any worries.

Questions about counterfeit products

About counterfeits of Doctor Bétta baby bottles
Dear Bétta Users,It has now been confirmed that there are counterfeits of Doctor Bétta baby bottles and other Bétta products in the People's Republic of China. We have confirmed as a result of an inspection by a specialized agency that none of these counterfeit products that have been discovered satisfy the safety standards in Japan.We will work hard to eradicate these counterfeit products from now on, but to benefit from the original Bétta quality and from our support, please buy our products from the official Bétta store or from one of our established distributors. We cannot guarantee any of our legitimate products bought anywhere else other than via an established distributor. In addition, we cannot verify the authenticity of the purchased items. We hope for your understanding and your continuing use of our Doctor Bétta baby bottles without any worries.Sincerely,Established stores and established distributor list
List of authorized dealers and authorized business partners