Baby bottle with 2022 zodiac sign design, Kiss Tikky bottle

For all babies born in the year 2022! We have always wished for the growth of babies and the happiness of their families by designing baby bottles based on the zodiac sign of the year and here comes the Year of the Tiger design for these zodiac bottles! We designed it with hopes that babies will grow up with lots of kisses, lots of hugs, and lots of love. The good news is that this year's zodiac sign design baby bottle comes in a long-awaited wide mouth type!

This baby bottle is designed for the Year of the Tiger 2022. Mothers and fathers who are watching their babies grow will be provided with a gently colored baby bottle with a mother tiger watching over her child(tikky).

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2022年のとら年 干支哺乳びん kiss bottle

Thoughts on Design

Many animals become independent from their parents after breast-feeding, on the other hands, baby tiger spends time with mother for about two years. We illustrated mother tiger keeping eye on baby tiger on Bétta baby bottle. She is looking at her little tiger (tikky) who is playing innocently. Selfless love for child are same for both human and tiger. We hope that the children will grow up safe and sound with lots of kisses, lots of hugs, and lots of love from their mothers.


The texture of the nipple mimics a mother’s breast.


A cute star-shaped cap hood.

Point of Wide Neck Baby Bottles

  • The texture mimics a mother’s breast.

  • Easy to clean.

  • Perfect for use with formula. Storing spare breast milk is simple.

Also recommended as a baby shower gift! Cute packaging

More about Doctor Betta baby bottle

What is Betta's Zodiac Baby Bottle?

What is Betta's Zodiac Baby Bottle?

The Betta Zodiac bottle series is made every year for the baby born that year. What are the wishes and thoughts of the designers behind each bottle?

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Wide Neck Bottle 240ml

Kiss Tikky Bottle

The limited edition zodiac bottle for the year of the tiger 2022. The bottle is 240ml in size, so it can be used even when the baby drinks more.