Notice of Doctor Bétta site account transfer

Welcome to the new Bétta Baby Store!

Thank you for always using Bétta Baby Store and Bétta products! From 2020/11/30, and have been integrated.

If you already have member information on, please check the steps below and follow the steps to make the settings.

For customers who have membership information on

Invitation steps to the new Bétta Baby Store


    1. Confirm that you have received an email "New Bétta Baby Store Account Invitation"
    2. press the email button
    3. set password

When you see your account page, you're done.

Bétta Baby Store Renewal Campaign

Special offer: 20% OFF coupon gift that can be used until 2021/01/31 for those who have completed moving from to the new Bétta Baby Store🎁


Q. Where can I register as a new member?

A. Please register from this account creation .

Q. Will I still be able to see my purchase history?

A. You can view it on your new account page after completing the migration step.

Q. I have registered as a member for both and Can I proceed step by step?

A. We will also guide you to those who have registered for both. If you follow the steps, your past order history will also be integrated.