We, Zoom T Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zoom T") have established the "Zoom T Social Media Policy" as follows regarding the operation of social media official accounts and Zoom T's participation in social media. Comply with this.

action principle

1. Purpose of Social Media Participation

Zoom Tea aims to contribute to the "smiles and healthy growth of babies" by disseminating information through social media and communicating with people all over the world. We participate in social media primarily for the following purposes:

  1. Deep understanding of everyone involved in the healthy growth of babies through dialogue
  2. To let people know the efforts of Zoom Tea and the big thoughts of the staff involved and those who support them.
  3. To draw a happy future for babies through communication with everyone

2. Attitude when participating in social media

ZoomTea understands well that social media is a place of communication originating from connections between people, and that it is made up of people living in various places around the world, and then disseminates information. We will strive to realize our philosophy by respecting diverse cultures and values ​​and participating in dialogue with a moderate attitude as a sensible person.
  1. Zoom Tea Complies with Laws
  2. We will listen to everyone's voices and actively disseminate information so that everyone who participates can have a meaningful experience.
  3. When disseminating information, we pay attention to the content and method of dissemination, and try not to spread incorrect information or cause misunderstandings.
  4. If the information sent is incorrect, or if the expression misleads everyone, we will endeavor to promptly understand the current situation, correct it, and provide accurate information.
  5. We will comply with the rules presented by each social media provider and respect the culture and manners of each media.

Policy revision

We may revise the above policy. In that case, all revisions will be notified on this website.

Created on March 3, 2019 Zoom T Co., Ltd.