Thoughts on the BRAIN bottle

Thoughts on the BRAIN bottle

The ultimate baby bottle "Dr. Betta baby bottle" BRAIN, conceived by a pediatrician and midwife. These baby bottles were created by experts based on their own clinical experience. In addition, we designed the hood part with a gentle design and colorful colors in the hope that babies and moms and dads can have a relaxed and enjoyable nursing time even when they are breastfeeding and nursing every day.

Thoughts on the BRAIN bottle

Heart-shaped hood

The heart is love, love itself, isn't it? We created this heart-shaped hood in the hope that your baby will grow up with a lot of love and be able to live a life full of love.

A clover-shaped hood

Those who find a four-leaf clover will be happy. It has been said that. This clover-shaped hood is designed to bring happiness to all the people who use the bottles.

A star-shaped hood

It is said that the stars make dreams and wishes come true. Just like wishing on a shooting star, we wanted to make your baby's dreams and wishes come true, so we made a star-shaped bottle hood.