Doctor Betta Baby Bottle【 Brain 】Lace 120ml Starter set


Description of item

【Store Limited】Starter set of popular baby bottle "Lace" reissue design
Limited quantity!The set includes the "Lace 120ml" baby bottle, a white horsehair "cleaning brush" that can wash even the corners of the bottle, a "microwave sterilization case" that can be easily sterilized, a "feeding funnel" that makes it easy to pour in powdered milk, and a "muddler" that dissolves even hard-to-dissolve milk.

Includes an organic cotton toy "Nigikoro" that makes baby smile with its cute expression and gentle bell sound. Delivered in a gorgeous premium box that makes a great gift. Recommended not only for home use, but also as a baby shower gift.

"Achieving the ideal breastfeeding posture" That is the reason for the curve of the Dr. Bétta baby bottle. The Dr. Bétta baby bottle, devised by an American pediatrician, has grown into an even better product through repeated improvements to materials and nipples while sticking to Japanese products. The winning history of the Kids Design Award and the Good Design Award is also a proof of reliable quality.

Product specifications

Product name Doctor Betta Baby Bottle【 Brain 】Lace 120ml Starter set
set content ・Doctor Betta Baby Bottle【Brain】S2-Lace 120ml( Plastic / PPSU )
Baby bottle brush
Bétta microwave sterilization box Curve (Pale Pink)
Bétta Flower Funnel (Rose)
Bétta Formula Muddler Sceptre (Green)
・Toy Organic cotton Rattle Nigikoro
・Premium gift boxM
・Shop card(welcome baby)

*Heart pin colors are subject to change.

●The reason for the curve

Dr. Bétta Baby Bottle has a unique curve that controls the posture during breastfeeding so that it becomes the same posture as breastfeeding. You can drink milk with your head upright, which prevents milk from flowing into the ear canal and is safe for your ears. Milk flows smoothly into the esophagus in a natural posture, preventing aspiration. Bubbles escape upward along the curve, reducing swallowing of air and reducing burping.

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