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The hair material that is indispensable for Bétta baby bottles is white horse hair, which is said to be the king of brushes. The stainless steel handle flexibly fits curves and corners! Cleans off even milk scum and oil without damaging it. The work of winding white horse hair on stainless steel requires a delicate balance of force, and is finished manually by skilled craftsmen.

The small brush is for nipples . I want to wash the milk crumbs thoroughly without damaging them! In response to this request, the tip of the brush is folded in half. By carefully folding the brush one by one from the center, the trouble of breaking through the tip of the delicate nipple is eliminated. It is the result of the efforts of craftsmen. This voluminous feel fits the nipple and allows you to wash the entire nipple comfortably.

Uses high quality stainless steel for the handle part. Even our staff, who have been using it for a long time, have never seen it rusted. A dish that can be used in the kitchen every day even after graduating from a baby bottle.

Product specifications

Product name Doctor Bétta baby bottle special brush set
size Large brush: about H250 x W60 x D60
Small brush: about H100 x W18 x D18
material Large brush: White horse hair Small brush: Nylon Handle: Stainless steel

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing softness and cleaning power

I bought a commercially available brush to wash Betta's baby bottle, even though I found it difficult to get into it, and I thought it was a little expensive.

As a result, it is very soft and reaches every corner, so it has great cleaning power.
I love using it because it is durable.

If you wash the bottle with another company's product, the bottle may be scratched due to its hardness, and bubbles and water may splash when you pull it out.
The good thing about this brush is that you don't have to worry about that.