Bétta Formula Muddler Sceptre (Green)


A muddler in the shape of a gently sloping curve to match the shape of Bétta's baby bottles.
Upon receiving feedback from our customers who shared that they occasionally “had some undissolved milk that got left in the bottom of the bottle”, and that “it would be helpful to have something to mix the contents of the bottle”, we developed this muddler.

The perfectly sloped curve allows the muddler to lay flat without having the tip touch table or kitchen surfaces, ensuring sanitary use.
This product has also been designed so you can continue to use it even after your baby is finished nursing.
The muddler comes in the two colors of pink with girls in mind and green for boys.
The bright green is a lively color. We hope you feel energetic and cheery when using it.


Heatproof temperature
Heat resistance temperature 120 °
Cool tolerance temperature of -20 degrees"