Bétta microwave sterilization box Curve (Pale Pink)


Description of item

Easy to sterilize baby bottles! 3 minutes in the microwave
After the baby has finished drinking the milk, it is washed with Betta Sugar Wash and a special white horse hair brush, and then disinfected in 3 minutes using the curved microwave sterilization container "Curve" that easily fits the Betta baby bottle.
After disinfection, it can be used as a bottle storage case as it is. Stacking is also possible by using two. After sterilizing baby bottles, it can also be used as an accessory case.

Product specifications

Product name Microwave Sanitizer Case Curve (Pale Pink)
Material / heat resistance temperature Polypropylene/140℃
size About H65×W275×D110
weight about 182g

When sterilizing baby bottles in a microwave oven, please pay close attention to the following points to ensure safe use of the product.

  • Microwave sterilization is a method of sterilizing baby bottles with steam using a sterilization container and water. The water in the microwave sterilization container is heated to generate steam, which sterilizes the bottle.
  • Improper use or excessive disinfection for an excessive amount of time has a great potential to cause accidents. It is necessary to understand this and to use the product carefully, observing the method and time of use.
  • In order to prevent accidents from occurring, please read the instruction manual for the baby bottle and microwave oven thoroughly, understand the method and time of use, and be sure to follow the correct usage instructions.

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