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Carry me plus mesh fabric! mesh.
Carry me with a baby in it! Half of the bag part is made of mesh fabric. One side of the large bag is made of mesh, making it difficult for heat to build up. The special mesh fabric has antibacterial, deodorant, antibacterial, water absorption, and quick drying functions, and is breathable, giving babies, moms and dads a smooth touch. The mesh material on the back of the baby allows excess heat to escape while feeling the mother's body temperature, such as during the rainy season and summer, as well as during winter trains and under heating, so you can use it comfortably regardless of the season ♪

Product specifications

Newborn to 11.3 kgNewborn
to 11.3kg
Easy to installEasy to
Locking FastenersLocking
for both parentsfor both
One side meshOne side
Lightweight and compactLightweight
and compact
Good stabilityGood
Easy to careEasy
to care
Product name Betta carry me! mesh
material Body fabric: 100% cotton
Mesh fabric: 100% polyester
size Chest circumference (underbust): about 65-100cm
Shoulder strap: 42-60/12cm
Bag: 92/58cm

* Please measure by lightly applying the tape measure over thin clothing.
Shoulder strap adjustmentThe length of the shoulder strap can be adjusted to 42, 48, 54, or 60 cm in 6 cm increments simply by changing the combination of fasteners on the back of the shoulder strap.

Advantages of Mesh

Functional mesh material is used

Adoption of mesh material with
Antibacterial, deodorant, and antimicrobial materials
  • Prevents odors
  • Duration of effect
  • Hygienic and safe
  • Texture and performance: As is
Water-absorbing and quick-drying" material
  • Excellent water absorption and quick-drying properties
  • Light weight and high casa height due to air layer
  • Dry and soft on the skin

Mesh for even lighter weight and compactness

Lightweight and compact

The mesh type is even lighter and more compact. The 100% cotton type weighs approximately 250 g, while the cotton + mesh type weighs approximately 210 g. The thickness is also reduced because a portion is made of mesh fabric, making it even more compact! The mesh fabric is also less bulky, making it ideal for carrying around in a bag.

The mesh on one side makes it even easier to wash and dry!

Easier to dry after washing!

One side of the large bag is made of quick-drying mesh material, making it easier to dry after washing! The mesh makes it even easier to wash and keep clean.

Bétta Carry me !

Since its launch in 2003, it has evolved with the concept of being lightweight, compact, and easy to put on, adding adjustment functions with fasteners to the shoulder straps, and adopting fasteners with lock functions for safer use. Bétta baby sling.
Lightweight, compact, easy-to-install Bétta Carry me !Bétta's unique three-dimensional cut is large enough to comfortably wrap a baby. Since the bottom is rounded, you can hold your baby with a sense of stability even if it moves. It is also a big point that it can be used from newborns. A safe and secure baby baby sling that is carefully made by Japanese craftsmen one by one.

「 Betta Carry me! 」Learn more →

Variation of holding method

You can choose how you want to hold it as it grows.

From newborns

The same posture as when the baby was in the mother's tummy. The baby is wrapped in a comfortable and secure feeling and can relax comfortably.

Cradle Carry style
Inverted Cradle Carry style

from the time the head is fully grown

When the head is settled and the hips are firm, the mother and baby should be snuggled up together. This is a way of holding the baby so that they are facing each other and can see each other's faces.

Front Carry style
Hip Carry style
Learn more about how to hold them →

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Customer Reviews

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Ai Toriumi
I'm glad it's mesh!

There are a lot of slings in the world, so I had a hard time deciding which one to buy, but since I received a Betta baby bottle as a baby gift, I thought it was stylish and had a uniform feel, so I chose this one.

I was very confused between the mesh and normal type, but this was the right choice!

Although it's winter, it's quite warm.

I started using it when my baby was about a month old.
It may look painful, but when I put it on, I get a good night's sleep, so it's really helpful.

I watched a lot of official videos, but I didn't know the correct answer, so I thought it would be nice if there was a video from the mother's side.

I'm looking forward to using it in the summer as it's mesh.