Temari's design

doctor betta baby bottle

Temari's design

The design of the 2020 Dr. Betta 25th anniversary bottle is a colorful Temari.

2020 is the 25th anniversary of Doctor Betta. Designed a “Temari” baby bottle that expresses “Japan” in the year that commemorates the Olympic Games being held in Japan. "Temari" is an ancient Japanese toy handcrafted by mothers who wish for their children's growth and affectionately. I would like to deliver the thoughts, traditions, and beauty of Japan to babies and mothers around the world.

Beautiful and cute Japanese baby bottles with a handwritten touch

beauty of handwriting

A PPSU baby bottle with a characteristic honey color that is highly transparent when light shines through it. The light that leaks from the unique gaps of the handwriting touch is beautiful, and the colorful temari looks even more gorgeous.