Thank you for using the Bétta Baby Store .
The world is in a situation where the price of raw materials is forced to rise due to the spread of corona and the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war .

In terms of our product manufacturing , there have been reports of price increases for all products and raw materials , and this has had a major impact . has requested a significant price increase .
Until now , we have made efforts to maintain prices by improving productivity, reducing costs , and changing materials .
However , it is difficult to absorb all of them through self- help efforts alone, and we have no choice but to implement price revisions .

Although it is very unwilling , we will implement a sales price revision from February 2023 .

We kindly ask for your kind understanding of the circumstances .

We will continue to make efforts so that we can continue to manufacture and sell the world 's only " Doctor Betta Baby Bottle " .
Thank you for your continued support of "Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle".

Sales price revision implementation date
Wednesday , February 1 , 2023

② Target products and prices
Heat -resistant glass Doctor Bétta baby bottle” (described below )
Old price → New price
・Doctor Betta Baby Bottle Jewel G1-200ml (Blue) ¥3,190 → ¥3,498
・Doctor Betta Baby Bottle Brain G4-Carrousel 240ml (Red) ¥3,520 → ¥3,960
・Doctor Betta Baby Bottle Brain GF4-240ml (Flower) ¥3,190 → ¥4,180
・Doctor Betta Baby Bottle Brain.GF5-200ml (Flower) ¥3,740 → ¥3,960
・Doctor Betta Baby Bottle Brain GF4-80ml (Flower) ¥2,970 → ¥3,190
(All prices include tax)

doctor betta baby bottle Brain GB4-280ml ( Button )
doctor betta baby bottle brain G4-280ml 3rd Anniversary
The price of the above 280 ml baby bottle remains unchanged (no change ).

* Currently , the inventory of all glass products is low.
We are currently producing it, but it is difficult to mass - produce it because it is handmade work .
There is a possibility that it will continue for a while .

Please note that there is a possibility that we may not be able to meet your request regarding your order .