Bétta Summer Campaign

Make your summer with your baby comfortable! Start protecting your baby from the heat!

It's going to be hot again this summer.

It's nice to hold a baby with a high body temperature in your arms and be able to snuggle him or her, but both the baby and the mom or dad will be drenched in sweat...

I'm sure you're worried that your baby will get too hot. I'm sure you're worried.

In such cases, try putting Bétta Cool Honeycomb in the sling.

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▷▷ Bétta Summer Campaign

【I want to know more about the liner.】

▷▷ About the function of the dedicated liner

When it senses body heat, the microcapsules inside the product act to provide gentle cooling support without overcooling the baby's body.

You can use it not only for slings but also for strollers and cribs in various scenes.

We recommend that you purchase a set of Bétta carry me! We recommend you to buy a set with Bétta carry me!

Before the real summer comes!