We have confirmed an incident in which a "fake account" spoofing the official Betta Instagram account is sending direct messages and follow requests that appear to be notifications of campaign winners.

★The only Betta Instagram accounts are @betta_official and the Omotesando store, @bettatonton_official.

●Betta's official account: betta_official

Plus Stationery official Instagram: http://instagram.com/betta_official

●Fake account:betta._official

After "betta", there is a "." after betta.

【Features of the fake account】

  • The account is set to private (the official Betta account is set to public).
  • Low number of followers (Betta's official account has 13,000 followers as of 2021/12/13)
  • No highlights in Stories

As this present campaign is still in the application period, we are not conducting any drawing or contacting the winners. In addition, we will not ask the winners to enter their credit card information in this campaign.

The "fake account" uses the same logo as the official Betta Instagram account and has a very similar username, profile, and postings, but has nothing to do with our company.

If you receive a suspicious direct message from someone other than our official Instagram account, please delete it without responding, and never click on the URL, enter your personal information, reply, or follow the message.

As of now, the fake Instagram account is "betta._official" with betta followed by "." after betta. If you receive any of these direct messages, please check the originating account carefully before replying.